Saturday, 31 December 2011

The 12 Days of Christmas - Day 6

On the 6th Day of Christmas my true love sent to me ...

Six interactive games ...

Friday, 30 December 2011

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Monday, 26 December 2011

The 12 Days of Christmas - Day 1

On the First day of Christmas my true love gave to me ...

A chicken in a quince tree

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Yep, I'm pretty sure I can hear a reindeer up there

Merry Christmas!

God bless wippitts, every one!

PS. Don't forget to check our 12 Days of Christmas posts over the next fortnight, when we'll be posting daily a revised, fully updated and wippitt-friendly version ...

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Waiting for Santa

Look what I've found!

I reckon it's a reindeer feeding station.

Build it and they will come ...

Monday, 19 December 2011

Archie's new collar

My new winter collar has arrived!

It has gold stars and brass bits and is lined with gold satin, and I think it is much more seasonally suitable than my summery sunflower one.
Although, of course I would look fabulous in anything.
If you too would like to be as well dressed as me, grab your human's cheque book and pick out something you fancy at

Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Wisdom of Wippitts

Apparently we are now a single-parent family.

The Madwoman seemed a bit glum about it so we pointed out that it's having a family that's the important thing, not the number of wippitt parents in it.

We are rescue wippitts, so we know about these things.

And to look on the bright side, it will mean there's more turkey for us at Christmas.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Where's my bunny?

The Madwoman tells me to go find my furry bunny

Found it!

What, you wanted me to bring it back as well?

Well duuuuh - why didn't you say so? What am I, a mind reader?

Ummm ... now where did I leave it?

Mission accomplished!

(See, I understand every word you say!)

Monday, 5 December 2011

Keeping warm

Looking luscious

It's been a bit nippy out and about lately, so we've been dressing up warmly. We don't have a lot of fur, and our tums are even more scantily covered than our backs (Archie is a bit of a Whippendale, with a completely bald chest) so an extensive wardrobe isn't a luxury but a necessity. We started off with our lightweight fleeces, then moved on to our Equafleeces, and now temperatures have dropped a bit more are wearing our Hotterdog jumpers which help keep the wind from whistling round our undercarriages. We like them because they are really snuggly and soft: the Madwoman likes them because they are easy to wash and brightly coloured so she can see where we are when we're running around. When it gets even colder we'll model our super-toasty designer coats for you. In the meantime, if you fancy a Hotterdog jumper of your own, you can buy them from Rachael at

Friday, 2 December 2011

Adventageous Times

A step ladder would be handy ...

Yes, our Advent calendar has finally gone up!

We had our first biscuit out of it last night.

Seems a bit mean hanging it up where we can't reach to help ourselves though.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Dressed to smell

Isn't it about time someone turned the heating on?

Ha ha!
Today Angel managed to roll in something stinky before the Madwoman noticed what she was up to. The downside is that as it was frosty she was wearing her Hotterdog jumper - very festive in holly berry red - so the delicious whiffy smell was instantly stripped off when she returned home and plonked in the washing machine. Although that is better than having to climb in the bath and undergo the whole soap and suds routine ...

As it's getting close to Christmas now, the Madwoman suggested we audition for the local panto. She said Angel could play the part of Stinkerbell, then nearly wet herself laughing at her own joke.
No, we didn't think it was that funny either.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Getting our Five a Day

Archie checks whether the apples are ripe yet

As everyone knows, getting your five a day is very important. For us wippitties, its not just about getting your Fruit (and veg - we're very partial to carrots and brocolli as well as the apples and bananas and strawberries and raspberries and blueberries which the Madwoman provides for us) - there are other 'F's which are just as essential. Apart from Fruit (and veg) our five a day also include: Frolicking (very important way of letting off steam), Fondling (well, being fondled. We believe it helps keep the Madwoman's blood pressure down. And we quite like it as well): Feeding (very important, this one. Wippitts do not live by fruit and veg alone, oh no. Forget breakfast and dinner at your peril. We also have supper), Forty winks (as we've told you before, we are very good at napping too. A nice warm fleece or duvet to snuggle under, or a patch of sunshine to bask in makes it all the more enjoyable).
So, got that? Five a day - Fruit, Frolicking, Fondling, Feeding and Forty winks.
Maybe if you humans tried it on a more consistent daily basis you'd be as wonderful as us wippitties are and the world would be a better place.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Magic Toybox

Every now and then, the Madwoman swops our toys around: we have three different lots that get rotated round in our toy box, so they never get too boring. It's a bit like having Christmas once a month ...

Angel is reunited with her teddy ...

Archie has a rummage to see what's in the box this time round ...

Two toys are, of course, better than one ...

All the excitement can be tiring, and after an energetic play session, it's always nice to snuggle up with your favourite teddy for a nap ...

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Keeping up appearances

Well dressed
Angel swopped her girlie pink collar today for the more exotic and sophisticated gypsy rose one. Just right for attending Christmas parties - if anyone ever asks us to any.
Archie is still in his summer sunflower ensemble, and a bit cross that he hasn't got something more appropriate for winter wear. The Madwoman has received orders to go and do some online shopping for something suitable immediately.
Watch this space.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Hallowe'en hounds - wippitt style

Trick or treat?
Come on, don't dither ... trick or treat?

OK, you asked for it ...


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Party animals

Opening my presents .... It's a tortoise!

A game of Blindwippitt's Buff, using my new blanky ... Angel takes advantage to steal my tortoise

It's my birthday today (I'm eight if you're interested) and if Angel can have can have a whole post to herself when it's her turn, then so can I. Breakfast was followed by a strawberry and after a brief lie-in, the rain held off for my birthday run with lots of balls to chase ... then we came back and after a detour via the butcher's (you'd think the Madwoman would attempt to plan ahead a bit more. She's known now for months that it's my birthday today) to collect some chicken for my birthday tea, I finally got to open my presents. I got a new fleece blanky like Angel's, only a proper butch boy-blue, some stinky sticks (strips of dried tripe. Delicious. You really must try them - but buy your own. I'm not sharing) and a squeaky tortoise. Then we had some party games, including frisbee catching, and one of our favourites, Press the Button, which involves a LOT of treats and running around, so is always good fun. Just time for a nap before tea ... if the Madwoman pulls her finger out and gets on with cooking the chicken for it.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Measuring up

We were waiting for some treats to be doled out this morning in return for a bit of paw waving (we try to humour the Madwoman if we think we might profit from it) when we caught sight of the packet label. 'Treats for Chubby Dogs' it said.
What a nerve! I mean, do we look chubby? We are fit and streamlined: Archie doesn't even have any spare fur, let alone spare fat.
It's Archie's birthday tomorrow, and there had better be something a bit better on offer than low calorie snacks. Feel free to drop in and find out - the Madwoman says you can give us all the virtual treats you want, as they're low-fat and calorie free. Personally, since she thinks they are so wonderful, we'd prefer it if you gave them to her (she needs them more than us anyway) and if you can't actually call in with anything more substantial and tasty,then just pop it in the post. We'll be waiting hungrily by the letterbox.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Now we are six ...

Opening my presents, and playing with my birthday vulture

Well, now I am six, at any rate. It's my birthday and I shall blog if I want to - today this blog is all MINE!

It's not been too bad a birthday: after breakfast I went back to bed and had a little lie-in, and then had a phone call from Stinky Boy. It sounded like him but when I sniffed and licked the phone it didn't smell or taste like him. And having happy birthday sung to you is all very well, but it's not the same as a proper present - after all, I shall only be six once, I shall never be six again, and I need proper presents to celebrate with. Then the Madwoman took me and Archie out for a birthday walk. We met a man staring up at the sky and scratching his head. He told us he'd lost the moon. Yes, really. You couldn't make it up ... Then we got home and at last it was time for my presents. I got a snuggly girly pink and orange fleece for my bed to keep me warm now the nights are getting a bit colder (the Madwoman will insist on leaving a window open, so warm blankies are essential) and a pack of dried-ready-to-eat sausages (except I've only had one so far, and had to share it with Archie) and a stuffed squeaky vulture. Just what I always wanted.

At the moment I can smell chicken roasting in the oven, so it's cooled in time ready for my birthday dinner later. No doubt I'll be expected to share that with Archie too. There is also a chunk of liver bread waiting for the party games later on: the Madwoman has promised Spinny, Doggy Dominoes and poke the button. Off for a quick nap now, before more birthday partying!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Chilling ... but on separate sofas

We have been too busy relaxing to post for a few days; it takes application you know! When the temptation to leap up and pound away on the computer keyboard started to become too great we pulled a fleece over our heads and free of any distractions, concentrated on a bit of intensive napping.
A small upset this morning, when the Madwoman found a swollen bump on Archie's neck which closer inspection showed had broken skin. She thinks Angel may have nabbed him when he tried to distract her from shrieking abuse at a cat in the garden ... we know what happened, and we're not telling. We're not talking to each other at the moment either.

Friday, 7 October 2011


This morning we chased tennis balls and squeaky toy bunnies, then this afternoon we returned to the Chiltern Open Air Museum to do a bit of stalking - this time of the Horrible Histories cast. We ran them to ground eating their lunch (no, they didn't offer to share) and the Madwoman flourished a DVD under their noses and asked them to sign it. They kindly agreed - although we suspect that it was possibly to get her to go away so they could eat in peace and quiet ... Of course, it could also have had a lot to do with the fact that we looked our very cutest, and that the signed DVD is in aid of raising money for the Emergency Kennelling fund being organised by Sighthounds Online. This is to help those dogs in pounds which have only a seven-day stay before being euthanased find a place in emergency kennelling while a place in rescue kennels or a home is being sorted out for them. One of our predecessors, a big hairy person called Boris, was rescued on his last day by the Madwoman, so it's a fund raiser close to her heart. We think it's a pretty good idea too.
So please thank Horrible Histories and it's lovely cast, and please support Sighthounds Online -you can find out more at - and keep an eye out there for details of how you can place a bid for the autographed DVD!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Seeing stars

And not a single person asked us for a pawtograph!

We went for a stroll round the Open Air Museum this afternoon: Horrible Histories were busy filming there. We watched for a while as witches, soldiers and kings wandered around and rehearsed a bit, whilst pursued by a flock of film crew people: it would appear that for every actor there are at least 6 other people - that's the ratio we counted here but no doubt there are more as there were hordes of others in the carpark.
We quickly got bored but had to wait to set off down the track towards our car until they'd finished dragging a portaloo along it, leaving it in place next to the field they were filming in. When we passed it there was a sign hanging on the door saying 'Out of order'. So what was the point of going to all that bother? Especially as there is a much nicer permanent toilet block right next to the field anyway ...
The whole thing is a mystery to us. Not that we ever use them ourselves you understand: the seats are poorly designed for wippitts, and far too high. No, we make do with a bit of grass (watch out for nettles) or discreetly behind a tree if one is conveniently handy. Of course, you do need to take a human with you to pick up the more ... solid ... offerings.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Nasturtiums ... peppery ... yum.
Angel is rather partial to a bit of salad with some bite. She has her own personal salad bar (you'll be able to read more about this next year in the book on dog friendly gardening which she and Archie have written, although no doubt the Madwoman will attempt to steal the credit for it as usual), but now the American Land Cress is past it's best, she has to nibble on nasturtiums instead.
Right, that's the starter ... where's the main course?

Monday, 3 October 2011


Waiting under my fleece for a

bit of TLC ...

Archie got scrobbled by a cat yesterday ... while harmlessly pottering around outside, enjoying the sunshine and a nibble of grass he was ambushed by an evil kitty which leapt into the garden on top of him. Covered in bites and scratches and hobbling around on three legs after the close encounter, he had to be whisked off to the emergency vets for antibiotics and an eye check. The Madwoman had to go back again later for painkillers and anti-inflams as he was in so much pain from his lame leg, which had also become really swollen and tender by this time. It hurt so much in fact, that he took to the sofa and refused his dinner. Angel did offer to eat it for him, but wasn't allowed to. Off to our regular vet this morning, where he had a much more sympathetic reception as well as more drugs, and is feeling much better as a result.

Too much to expect get any well wishes or treats we suppose after the total lack of them when Angel got bitten by a bee - but maybe you'd like to join our campaign to rid the world of evil kitties?

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Pleasure and treasure beyond measure

Gimme, gimme, gimme! ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Where'd it go?

The Madwoman finally got herself organised and took us treasure hunting yesterday - as promised in previous blogs. Due to the unseasonally hot weather Archie didn't get to dress up in his rather fetching Cap'n Archie Sparrow jumper, or Angel to don her scourge-of-the-evil-kitties bandanna, but fun was had all round.

If you want to teach your human how to organise a treasure hunt for you it's very simple - even the stupidest human can learn how to do it. They run round (the exercise is good for them) and hide treats and toys, which you then get to hunt out and liberate. Angel likes to have treats hidden under soft toys, flower pots and those little sports cone thingys, rolled up in towels, or inside empty eggboxes. Archie likes these too, but best of all he likes hunting for tennis balls.

You can play this game in the garden or around the house if it's a bit cold and wet out: or if you are really lucky and can persuade your human to make one for you, digging for treasure in your very own digging pit is pretty good too ...

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Have you hoard about it?

Here's one we prepared earlier ...

We went for our Sunday stroll round the Open Air Museum this morning, stopping along the way to watch the blacksmith at work in the forge there. He was making nails: it had taken much time and sweat to make a dozen last time he'd been up, and he was hoping to produce at least fourteen today. We left him to it and continued on our way, stopping once again on the way out at the Iron Age hut. They had a Saxon in residence, demonstrating Saxon crafting skills: shields had been left casually propped up against the fence, presumably in readiness to repel any invading armies who dared disturb his crafting ... There was a handy looking axe buried in a block of wood (but no swords in stones we noted), and various other items such as a decorated dagger sheath and a wooden hammer. We were quite impressed until we stuck our noses inside and peeking behind the door spotted a rather more modern 21st century collection of woodworking tools. What a cheat, we thought.

Passing the blacksmith again, still laboriously hammering away at his meagre collection of nails, we did think about suggesting he just went and borrowed a few off the New Age Saxon ... but in the end decided not too: he seemed to be having such fun - and at least he was genuinely making them from scratch.

Needless to say the Madwoman once again failed to bring the camera with her, so we've used our initiative to give this post a bit more of a Saxon flavour: the pictures at the top show us using a towel, an eggbox and some gravy bones to recreate the discovery of the Sutton Hoo hoard.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Shiver our timbers!

Angel tests the squeak in her toy bunny

Avast there our hearties - it's International Talk Like a Pirate Day today, so we're doing our bit, although we'd rather have pieces of treats than pieces of eight ... In fact we were rather expecting, and looking forward to, quite a few pieces of treats today, as the Madwoman had promised to take us treasure hunting as part of Talk like a Pirate day. Unfortunately this plan has been thwarted as Archie had an upset stomach yesterday and was sick in the morning: he was also noticed to be favouring a paw. Although he seems fine this morning, the Madwoman has postponed the treasure hunt for a couple of days. Spoilsport. Maybe we should make her walk the plank ... trouble is, there are only goldfish-infested waters in the garden, so we don't think it will be much of a threat. In the meantime you'll just have to make do with a picture of Angel playing with her squeaky bunny toy.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Ar-har me hearties!

Archie practices his hidden treasure locating skills

Apparently Monday is the International Talk Like A Pirate Day, so to celebrate the Madwoman has promised to take us on a treasure hunt. Excited? We are. And we will of course, also dress for the occasion ... in the meantime as it is raining, we are doing a little indoor treat-hunting in order to hone our skills. We'll remind the Madwoman to take her camera along so if you come back on Monday you can see us in action ...

Monday, 12 September 2011

Odour nil

Sulking. Well, wouldn't you?

Angel found something really whiffy to roll in this morning: even someone as nasally challenged as the Madwoman could smell her a mile off. When we got back to the car we were fully expecting Angel to be subjected to the wippitt wet wipes which live in the glove compartment for just such occasions but tragically, they appear to have vanished. So we got a ride home inhaling the delicious aroma while shivering in the gale force winds blowing through the open car windows ...

Once back we had to wait for our elevenses while Angel was led away to the bathroom and scrubbed from head to toe: after a brisk towel-down her fur is sticking up like hedgehog spikes and she now smells of Neem shampoo. So only a short-lived triumph for the art of scent. Next time we must remember to hide the shampoo as well ...

Thursday, 8 September 2011

To the rescue!

Like a fish out of water ... well, it was, earlier. Meet Blondie.

The Madwoman has been taking things easy for the last few days, so we've been putting our paws up too ... it was action stations this morning though when she went out to feed the fish (there are two which live in the front garden) and found that one had managed to beach itself on top of a bit of vegetation near the edge. We thought it was only whales that did that, but it would appear that goldfish can too. First of all there were shrieks when she thought it was dead, but then it started panting, so she quickly scooped it back into the deep end while we supervised. It seems to be okay - we all trooped out to check on it again before going for our morning run - lets hope it's sense of direction has improved and it doesn't do it again, as we're just about to settle down for a nap and would prefer not to be disturbed by any further fishy goings-on.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

What have the Romans ever done for us?

Another day out at the Open Air Museum

Well, they gave us a pat, although there didn't seem to be any food forthcoming: mind you, they looked a bit short on pockets to keep any treats in. They looked a bit short on hemlines too - it wasn't the warmest day and those skirts definitely looked a bit draughty to us.
But they rattled and clanked around in their armour and obligingly explained about Roman stuff to the Madwoman while we checked out the bits of naked feet we could see through their sandals ... and no, we didn't look up their skirts - we are polite and well-brought up young wippitts!