Saturday, 28 June 2014

Stars in our eyes

Hmmm .... looks like more filming going on
at the Open Air Museum ...

 Are they expecting trouble?
Mind you, some of the sheep here can give you a very Nasty Look.
More sensitive types could find it quite hurtful.

 Ah, here we are.
A village fete sorta kinda thing.
To advertise Subway ... can't say we've ever seen
any Subway stalls at any of the village fetes we've been to, 
so the setting seems a bit bizarre.

Oooooh look!
It says Pinewood!
Here we are!
Waiting the call!

Here we are posing with some of the stars of the ad.
Yes, they're props.
Let us tell you, all those actor-y types would be lost without 
the real stars of the show, the props!
Although we thought the barrels were perhaps a little wooden ...

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

To the rescue!

A bit of high drama last night.
Not to mention house demolishing
and very bad DIY ...

It all started when there was a noise like  half a ton of bricks
falling down the chimney.
We've heard it before so knew immediately that
 it was another bird falling down it. 
We roused the Madwoman out of her torpor
on the sofa and she undid the hole that already exists in 
the boarded-up fireplace from where birds have fallen down before.
This one was too big to get out of the hole though.

She stuck the camera in side to see what was in there
and it turned out to be a pigeon. 

Obviously too fat after stuffing itself on birdseed in the garden ...
So The Madwoman fetched the tree branch saw from 
the garden shed and made the hole bigger.
It still couldn't get out.
So she made the hole even bigger ...

Eventually, it decided that the dimensions were
satisfactory, and out it popped.

We've had a starling in there before (the same one twice), 
and a jackdaw. Now a pigeon. 
They are getting bigger all the time.
What will be next? 
A swan?
Just checking that the hole is empty
And double checking. Very important, is double-checking
Okay, the clear-up crew can move in now
And yet another bad DIY job ...

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Cross dressing

We are resigned to the fact that the Madwoman is not 
the brightest of creatures, but sometimes her powers of observation
and lack of attention to detail amaze even us.
It was only when we all arrived at the Open Air Museum yesterday 
that she noticed that she had put the wrong collars on us - 
Archie was wearing Angel's, and Angel was wearing Archie's.
"Unisex! Unisex!" she kept saying to us, while changing them over,
as if that was supposed to be some consolation, or even a feeble excuse for
getting it so wrong. 
It was a warm day even by early morning, so we only had a short stroll, 
and kept to the shadiest areas.
It was only when we paused in the welcome leafy shade of the tree
on the village green to have a drink that she noticed that 
although we were now wearing the right collars,
we were wearing each other's muzzles.
Oh the shame ...
right collars, wrong muzzles ...

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Sleeping position Number 6

Sleeping position # 6 in an occasional series
This is a good one for hot days

The Full Stretch

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Curiouser and curiouser

There are Heavy Horses at Chiltern Open Air Museum this weekend.
In these days of political correctness, 
shouldn't they be called 'Weight Challenged ' or something?

We were too early to see any, but did find this notice.
Doesn't look like a particular dangerous or ferocious field.
Just shows you never can tell. 
Hope someone tells the Fat - sorrry - the Weight Challenged Horses.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Not the best start to the day yesterday.
We had barely set a paw outside when
the Madwoman spotted a massive cat poop on the front lawn.

We dragged her away from it and cleverly distracted her
by suggesting we went to the Open Air Museum
where we allowed her to watch a bit of knifesmithing in the forge

 And then took her for a nice calming walk in 
the woods where it was nice and cool

Trouble was, when we got home the
stinky cat poop was still there ...

Sunday, 8 June 2014

A musical interlude

Musical goings on at the Chiltern Open Air Museum
this weekend.
Yesterday we watched some setting up.

We checked out the festive bunting

And today we listened to some Victorian music
We did record some, but stupid Blogger won't download it.

And then we watched the mediaevel band jamming.
When we realised there wasn't any real jam involved, we left in search of lunch elsewhere.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

More things to do in the woods

Climb trees

Get lost

  Sniff stuff

Drag the Madwoman up steep slopes

Find dead things.
Yes, it was like this when we found it.
Looks like someone will be enjoying 
free range organic vole for supper tonight.

Monday, 2 June 2014