Monday, 24 April 2017

Seating arrangements

One thing we have noted about humans is their amazing capacity for optimism.
Take this settee, for example.
It is described as a 'two seater' - when as you can plainly see,
it barely accommodates a single wippitt.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Peas and poos

Actually we are pretty sure that in the event
of the vegetation making a bid for world domination,
the eventual winners won't be triffids but peas.
They are invincible.
We know this because
when we eat peas
they come out looking exactly the same as when they went in. 
Another pea on its way ...
Beware the pea!
Run away! Run away!

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Forward planning

Tonight sees months and months of
thoughtful forward planning on our part
finally coming to fruition.
While the rest of the world will wake up tomorrow all bleary eyed
and feeling jet lagged after the clocks have shot forward an hour,
the Madwoman will leap from bed, fresh as a daisy.
This is because we have selflessly been getting her into training for tomorrow
by waking her up at 5am every morning.
She should be really grateful to us, but we bet she isn't.
In the meantime, please send any spare turkey morsels you
have going spare to us: Archie has tweaked something in his paw and is
hopping around on three legs looking sorrowful. Laser and homeopathic remedies and
ice packs have been applied, but we have more faith in the miraculous curative effects
of turkey.
Waiting for turkey 
Being bored because
walks are temporarily suspended until Archie is sound again

Monday, 20 March 2017

A bit of education

Yes, we missed posting a blog last week.
We know.
As usual, the blame can be laid firmly at
the feet of the Madwoman, who had failed to tell us
in advance that she has decided that in future
Sundays will be computer-free days.
So, plainly we cannot be held responsible.
We did put the time to good use though:
We took the Madwoman out for a brisk walk.
We spotted a seat that we'd never noticed before 
And yesterday we went to visit the ginger one at Bath.
We stopped along the way for a bit of education.
We are now recovering from car lag, which is a bit like
jet lag only without the jet, or having to travel to other countries.
Although Bath is a bit like another country:
we have noticed that there are lots of hills, but they lack the graceful elegance
of our own local ones. Bath hills are rather lumpy.
And much, much muddier and slippier.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Getting crafty

We've been keeping the Madwoman on her toes recently -
well someone has to, and we never shirk a challenge.
Because we are having lots of therapies at the moment,
including homeopathy with our nice Uncle Chris Day,
and acupuncture and laser with our new Aunty Phillipa,
plus various food additives to keep our tums and brains working properly,
we are apparently running up quite a few bills.
The Madwoman's horse Flash is also doing his bit -
we will be visiting him soon to congratulate him on his efforts.
This means that the Madwoman has been busy
making needlefelt thingummies,
which she hopes to sell to try and pay for some of our bills.
Work in progress on the thingummies
More work in progress.
A bigger table might be handy.
At the same she is busy making papier mache houndies
ready for the Kim's Home auction which will be kicking off 
near the beginning of May.
Naturally we are helping her as she glues and mutters and stabs and screams
(because she spends quite a lot of time stabbing her finger).
We are doing this by keeping out of her way.
That's us.
As always, supremely helpful.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Because we're worth it

Guess what?
Yes, we are on blog strike again this week.
We have had a busy few days
being poked, prodded, tweaked,
and even had needles stuck in us.
The Madwoman tells us it is Therapeutic.
She also tells us it is Expensive, although we are
worth every penny.
Well of course we are.
We thought that went without saying.
But while she is busy counting her pennies up,
we are going to take a well-earned nap.
Next week we might tell you about her new project.
Or not.
You'll just have to tune in and see ...

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Decision time

Sometimes it is necessary to prioritise ...
This means that sometimes we have to make difficult choices ...

Left or right?
... but sometimes it is quite easy.
Take today for example.
Blog or nap?
No-brainer really ...




Saturday, 11 February 2017

Fashion victims

We have tried, we really have.
But the Madwoman still hasn't managed to grasp the concept
of colour co-ordination ...

Saturday, 4 February 2017

A Grand Day Out

 How nice it is to get back to normal!
Now Angel is feeling much better, we had our first proper full length walk
this week, and voted to go to Chiltern Open Air Museum, .
We found that Spring is ... erm ... springing
We checked for trolls at Troll Bridge
(Humans:1, Wippitts:2, Trolls:0, Fallen leaves:beyond counting)
And spotted a wheelbarrow trying to avoid honest toil
by hiding behind a shed.
And that was quite enough for one day.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Thawing nicely

The frost is thawing!
The power of the White Witch is waning!
Now all we have to do is wean the Madwoman off the Turkish Delight ...

Thursday, 19 January 2017

More languishing

The languishing goes on ...
Angel had a couple of better days allowing us to go visit the Madwoman's horse
Flash at the weekend, but is now back to doing gloopy poopies and - not surprisingly - feeling rather pants.
We are thinking of setting up a pressure group to make the government ban colitis.
In the meantime the Madwoman is busy cooking vats of sweet potato
and this morning had to do a quick dash out to Tesco to buy more turkey mince.
So if we are a bit erratic with our blogs, bear with us:
not only do we have languishing to contend with,
we also have the Madwoman's cooking ...
Our very own turkey mountain
We had to come out to the kitchen to ask the Madwoman
to get a move on with making our lunch.
If you ask us, the room service is getting a bit slack around here
She's not really up to speed on the laundry either.
This used to be a pair of furry slippers.

Monday, 9 January 2017


Angel has been poorly again, doing spectacularly gloopy and bloody poops, and scaring the Madwoman half to death. She has raided the local shops for sweet potato and chicken to make special convalescent dishes ... and of course we both have to partake as it would be mean for one of us to not get the yummy fresh cooked chicken ...
It is very welcome after the supply of turkey running out ...

 in the meantime we are thinking about putting "a year's supply of turkey" on our next Christmas list to Santa, to ensure that the Madwoman has no excuse for not making it a regular feature of our daily menu ... 

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Going cold turkey

 It's a disgrace!
Run out of turkey?
Let's hope this isn't going to set the tone for the new year.
When we wake up, we expect you to have cooked us some more ...