Wednesday, 30 October 2013


When we have birthdays, both of us get presents.
Quite right too.
This is Angel unwrapping hers on Archie's birthday last Saturday.
Blink and you'll miss it!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Archie has a birthday!

It was Archie's birthday yesterday - 10 years old!
After brekky with a few blueberries as an extra treat the celebrations started in earnest!

A bit wet out so we got dressed up in our coats to go out.

The birthday walk.
As it was Archie's birthday he was allowed to decide which way to go.
Made a nice change from the Madwoman's usual high-handed
"I'm in charge so we're going this way" attitude.
Birthday blueberry muffin!
The Madwoman actually got up early enough to
make a batch!
Nom nom nom ...
Hasn't anyone ever told you it's rude to stare while
we're eating?
Opening my present!
There IS something in here, isn't there?
Got it!
A squeaky new squeaky tennis ball!
Just what I wanted!
Test driving the new ball.
Got to make sure it works properly ...
Birthday dinner.
With turkey of course.
Party games!
The Madwoman got out the Spinny game, filling the holes
with bits of turkey.
About to take a nap.
While keeping a close eye on my new ball.
Don't want the Madwoman pinching it and
wrapping it up again for Christmas instead of buying something new.
You may laugh, but it happened once before ...

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Squeak it like Angel

You can never be too careful.
Angel checks that the squeak is still working in her birthday present.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Angel has a birthday!

It was Angel's birthday yesterday - eight years old!
We started off with a walk in the paddocks that the Madwoman hires
for us to do zoomies in - the perfect place to play some party games.
There was our version of Pigs in Blankets (piece of sossige rolled in a towel)
Then we played Squeak, Bunny Squeak (run to stuffed bunny,
make it squeak then toss it in the air
and run back to the Madwoman for more sossige.
No, of course we don't bring it back.
We are wippitts, not Labradors!
And there was a treasure hunt - finding treats hidden
under these sports training cones.
Then home again for some elevenses and birthday cake:
the birthday blueberry muffin has become a tradition.
Although the Madwoman insisted that we let her share it,
and because her mouth is much bigger than ours,
that meant she got the biggest bit ... typical ...
And then presents!
Turkey for dinner in the evening.
Followed by a nap ...
Not a bad day.
Wonder what we're doing tomorrow? 

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Keeping busy

It's a regular hive of industry up at the Chiltern Open Air Museum at the moment.
We keep spotting Halloweeny things being crafted by folk during slack moments on the front desk for example.
 Not to mention this pile of pumpkins awaiting transformation into scary candle-lit faces ...
The Madwoman is also busy with a Halloween countdown over on the Facebook page HERE for her book, Haunting Hounds, which you can buy HERE and read more about on its website HERE.
It's all in a good cause, with 50% of al profits
going to Scruples Whippet Rescue.
So naturally we have been assisting her ...

Friday, 11 October 2013

Doctor's orders

Yes, as you can see, it's been another busy week!
But it's strictly on doctor's orders: Angel had a twingey back again
so had to visit the vet who gave her some anti-inflamms and
 recommended that she rest and take things easy for a few days.
We're not sure that he had the top of the back of
the sofa in mind though ...

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Through the keyhole ...

Hello, welcome and good afternoon!
Now who might live in a house like this?

 Let's see ... it doesn't seem to be made of gingerbread ...
Let's take a closer look - remember, the clues are there as we go
through the keyhole. Actually, the front door doesn't have a keyhole,
so you'll just have to pretend, while looking through the doorway instead. 

Over there in the corner - this should tell us
quite a lot about the person who lives here.
Hmm, a cauldron and besom broom ...

Yes, it looks like Chiltern Open Air Museum is beginning to get ready for its annual Halloween Spooktacular!
Well worth going to if you haven't been before:
as regular readers will know we usually go ourselves in the afternoon
before it gets too dark.
The Madwoman scares easily you know ...