Monday, 29 May 2017

Salve! (again)

The Madwoman decreed that it was cool enough for us to venture outside for a walk today, so venture we did, up at the Open Air Museum.
Not only did we do venturing, we did mingling too, as the Romans had moved in for the weekend and were busy rising and shining (unlike the sun).
While the Madwoman checked out some egg tempera artwork
we admired a neighbouring tent with some hand loom-woven bags
that would have been perfect for storing wippitt snacks in,
then checked out some toy wooden mice (we prefer ours made of fleece and squeaky)
at the wood-butcher (that's what it said on the sign),
and THEN we found the wippitt snacks in the shape of
bunnies and piggy lugs (still attached to the pig).
As they made us feel a bit peckish and the Roman in charge
didn't offer to share them with us 
we dragged the Madwoman off home to give us some elevenses.
In many ways (mainly foody) the 21st century is an improvement on the 1st ...     

Sunday, 7 May 2017

A Christmas shopping spree

We are helping our Madwoman to tidy up today after
a marathon stint of helping* her make little papier mache and
needlefelt houndies which are now up for sale to raise funds
It's a great cause - do nip over and look at some of the great items -
its a great opportunity to bag a bargain.
And get your Xmas shopping done early ...

Here's the link to the auction:

* in case you were wondering, we help her
by keeping well out of her way ...