Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Save Sid!

We have enlisted the help of yet another
high profile celebrity to help
sell more copies of the Madwoman's literary masterpiece
Half of all the money goes to help support
buy Haunting Hounds or ...

Hissing Sid gets it ...

Monday, 28 March 2016

What we did on our Easter holidays

Have you been missing our weekend blogs?
It's not our fault, we've been busy.
Apart from writing our own masterpiece, we've had to help
organise a PR campaign for the Madwoman's book Haunting Hounds,
plus loads of other stuffs.
Like this ...
We were gracious hosts to our Aunty Susan Price,
who came to visit last weekend. This is us showing her round
John Hampden's church. Right next to Hammer House of Horror ...

Then we had to pose - in the nuddy - for pics of our
new Spring collars. Good thing the sun came out or
co-operation would just be another meaningless word ...

We had to check on the progress of the bored beans.
(Just beginning to appear)
The next thing will be taste-testing the young shoots unless the
Madwoman does her usual trick of putting them out of our reach.
We met the Bill at the Open Air Museum (now open again now to our adoring public),
and resisted arrest.  
We took delivery of a new Cosy Cave bed
And then took turns snuggling in it. 
We had an Easter egg Hunt.
Well, our version of one, with liver treats and a snuffle mat
And today we have been hiding from the Madwoman so she doesn't
force us to go out for a walk. The weather is far too vile.
Happy Easter!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Save the Easter Bunny!

We are still on a mission to encourage sales of
the Madwoman's epic
- half of all profits are donated to Kim's Home.

In case you need a bit more encouragement,
buy Haunting Hounds or ...

the Easter Bunny gets it

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Our ongoing PR campaign

Our campaign to help raise funds for Kim's Home continues ...
The Madwoman has done her bit by writing
a literary masterpiece called
As her PR team we are helping her to sell it.

Buy Haunting Hounds or ...

the Mad March Hare will be very, very sorry ...

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Save Kermit!

We are still helping to promote
the Madwoman's literary masterpiece
which helps to raise money for Kim's Home.
Sales could still be better,
so we are offering a little extra motivation:

Buy Haunting Hounds . . .

or Kermit gets it

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Save Justin!

It has come to our attention that not many people have been buying the Madwoman's literary masterpiece  
Haunting Hounds,
from which half of all profits goes to
Kim's Home for Elderly/Abused Dogs.
The other half goes to the illustrator, who we suppose also needs to eat occasionally up there in her draughty garret.
So we have decided to do something about it.

Buy Haunting Hounds ...

or we'll rip the tail off Justin Beaver