Saturday, 30 July 2016


We're happy to report that progress on the new building at
Chiltern Open Air Museum is going well...

It is of course, a Romano-British shrine to Whippets.
Any resemblance to a 1920's garage is purely coincidental.

We are looking forward to receiving lots of votive offerings
in the shape of roast turkey, sucking pig and gravy bones as soon as it is completed.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Hot Victorians

 Off to the Open Air Museum again at the weekend.
We arrived a bit early to find breakfast cooking
(as usual, the sucking pig was conspicuous by its absence)
Even early in the morning it was quite hot already
so we also found some of the Victorian re-enactors in their underwear ...

 Although not the rozzer .... naturally the Madwoman embarrassed us by
trying on his handcuffs ...
 and then as it was getting really hot by then we went home to do a bit of this ...
and then a bit of this ...

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Let us eat cake!

Up to the Open Air Museum yesterday for our usual weekend inspection ....

......where we found lots of vintage and classic cars all parked up ... 

... which could mean only one thing ....
Yes, the big cake sale!
Typically, the Madwoman dragged us away before we had a chance
to do any quality control checks - although not before buying a slice of bread pudding
for herself. And no, it didn't make it all the way home before she scoffed the lot.
And you thought the Madwoman's photographic skills couldn't get any worse?
This is us posing with royalty ... none other than Lord Gordon.

And then on then way home we stopped in to say hallo to Aunty Mandy ...
by this time the Madwoman had finally  managed to work out which way up
to hold the camera and not to point it at the sun ...

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Bags of stuff

The Madwoman has a new activity bag ..
the old one was starting to fall apart, so she expended some money on
this one she spotted in a charity shop ... it is HUGE!
Which of course, is good news as there will be even more room for all the things
 she is obliged to carry around when we go on walks and adventures,
such as water, first aid kit, toys, coats and coolers, treats ...
you know, the usual sort of stuff.
Beats us how some folk manage to go for a walk with nothing but a bumbag.
And no, there is no kitchen sink in there, before you ask. 
We already checked.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Birthday celebrations

Such larks!
All sorts of things going on at Chiltern Open Air Museum this weekend.
For example ...
We found a huge COAMonopoly board ...
But we never got the chance to play, because we both
wanted to be the dog.
We feel that a minimum of two dog playing pieces
should be provided. We offered to take on the role ourselves,
but the Madwoman hurried us away before we could jump on.
She is such a  spoilsport.
We did our best.
Selfies aren't easy when you have
perfectly formed but long noses.
We checked out the COAM timeline.
Most of this happened long before we were born.
Which evidently explains why there were no pictures of us adorning it.
Happy 40th Birthday COAM!