Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Animal alphabet - J

is for


*no, not another bunny.
We are not repeating ourselves.
A jackrabbit is a hare.
See how educational this animal alphabet is?

Sunday, 29 March 2015

A visitation

Yesterday we had a visitation from some authors* that the Madwoman knows - even though she'd never actually met them in the flesh before. We have no idea why. Maybe they thought she needed a bit of discouraging from writing stuff and then inflicting it on others. That would of course be a good thing, as it would free up the computer for us to spend more time sharing our musings.
Anyway, she was quite ridiculously excited about it for days and days beforehand. Angel was even forced to have a bath after she anointed herself in something deliciously stinky on Friday, so we feared the worst about them. However they turned out to be quite civilised even though they failed to bring us any roast turkey. (Or any of the venison, duck or lamb they had been tucking into at lunchtime. We weren't fussed about missing out on a slice the Madwoman's spinach pie though - although it would have been nice to have been asked.) 
We would have posted a picture of them, but the Madwoman was so overcome with excitement and getting them to sign books that she forgot. Not that we should be surprised any more by the incompetence. Today that incompetence is being demonstrated by a total lack of ability to tell the time.
When we wake her up early we normally get told to go back to sleep - but this morning we were rudely awakened an hour early.
NOT quarter past six, but quarter past five.
Someone has messed with the hands, but we know better.

So now we are going to catch up on a few zeds.
We think we might be able to persuade the Madwoman to join us for a 
lunchtime nap. And here's the proof that it's good for you to snooze with wippitts. It's in the paper so it must be true.

* Sue Price, Elizabeth Kay, Bob Newman
In case you're interested

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Animal alphabet - I

is for


* posed here with 
genuine stuffed 100% Ichthyosaur bones 
- obviously, as the real thing is extinct.
What, were you expecting a real dinosaur?

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Lights out and new threads

Yesterday we went up to the Open Air Museum to watch the eclipse ... it was a bit overcast ... it was anyone's guess where the sun was, especially since nobody there seemed to have a particularly good sense of direction ... 
 Fortunately we were on hand and Archie was able to demonstrate a partial eclipse
using a tennis ball ...

Then there was more excitement when our new snuggly warm raincoats turned up this morning ...

Archie's even has a rain canopy ...

Angel opted to do without the hoody 
look ...  

and finally got a lightweight raincoat that fits properly. We're relieved that The Madwoman didn't order the yellow one ... she has no fashion sense whatsoever, so it's nothing short of miraculous that she got our coat order right ...

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Animal alphabet - H

is for


* it was going to be HEDGEHOG
but Archie 
chewed it's nose off ...

Saturday, 14 March 2015

On the dogwalk ...

The Madwoman has bought us some smart new coats - typically she has timed it to coincide with the weather warming up.
She said we looked like special effects that had escaped from Tron. We had to correct her and point out that actually, they make us look sporty.


If you too would like to look SPORTY, check out the Greyt Sweaters website HERE

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Animal alphabet - G

is for


* well the Madwoman actually calls them "Geroffofthegardenyoulittle -" 
and then adds a torrent of rude words. 
We just call them Grrrrrrr's. 
It's shorter and easier to spell.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Lazy Sunday:2

We've been out, have supervised the hanging up of the
new Waspinator, collected Grandma from church,
and now we're busy doing important Wippitt stuff. 

Monday, 2 March 2015

Careful where you stick those staples

Not quite centrefolds ... yet.
We blame the usual ineptness of the Madwoman's camerawork.
But here we are, famous once again, featured between the covers of
Your Dog magazine. 
Mwwaaahhhaaaaa ... world domination beckons.
Wippitts of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your ... ummm ... well, while we're thinking about that one, let's hear it for Kira, the wippy who shares the page with us. She is a Dog Aid assistance dog and can do loads of really clever stuff. 
More proof that wippys are not only gorgeous but smart too. 
Unlike the Madwoman who qualifies as neither ... 
Good thing she has us, really.
Checking for typos.
And wondering why our picture isn't BIGGER!

Sunday, 1 March 2015


Today we went out for a walk at Cookham Moor: the Madwoman's idea was that we would meet up with some other whippets out for a walk there too. 
She is desperate for us to socialise a bit more, so we did our best to oblige. 
We didn't bark, scream or do anything else rude: apparently bum sniffing is okay. 
Here's the proof that we can behave nicely. 
Setting out ...

Blowing kisses ...

Posing for a group photo.