Sunday, 29 March 2015

A visitation

Yesterday we had a visitation from some authors* that the Madwoman knows - even though she'd never actually met them in the flesh before. We have no idea why. Maybe they thought she needed a bit of discouraging from writing stuff and then inflicting it on others. That would of course be a good thing, as it would free up the computer for us to spend more time sharing our musings.
Anyway, she was quite ridiculously excited about it for days and days beforehand. Angel was even forced to have a bath after she anointed herself in something deliciously stinky on Friday, so we feared the worst about them. However they turned out to be quite civilised even though they failed to bring us any roast turkey. (Or any of the venison, duck or lamb they had been tucking into at lunchtime. We weren't fussed about missing out on a slice the Madwoman's spinach pie though - although it would have been nice to have been asked.) 
We would have posted a picture of them, but the Madwoman was so overcome with excitement and getting them to sign books that she forgot. Not that we should be surprised any more by the incompetence. Today that incompetence is being demonstrated by a total lack of ability to tell the time.
When we wake her up early we normally get told to go back to sleep - but this morning we were rudely awakened an hour early.
NOT quarter past six, but quarter past five.
Someone has messed with the hands, but we know better.

So now we are going to catch up on a few zeds.
We think we might be able to persuade the Madwoman to join us for a 
lunchtime nap. And here's the proof that it's good for you to snooze with wippitts. It's in the paper so it must be true.

* Sue Price, Elizabeth Kay, Bob Newman
In case you're interested


Joan Lennon said...

Really wish I could have been there too! Anyway, have a good catch-up nap!

madwippitt said...

We wish you had been here too Joan - bet you would have remembered to bring us duck/venison/lamb/roast turkey - or possibly all four ...

Susan Price said...

Sorry, Whippets, it really was amiss of us. Perhaps, if we come again... You may struggle to believe this, but we really enjoyed meeting your Madwoman.

Elizabeth Kay said...

It was a privilege to meet you both, Archie and Angel. The Madwoman provided us with scones and yummy allotment jam, which I don't think is real whippet fare which is probably why you didn't get any. But we all enjoyed your company, although we couldn't quite translate the barking...

Bob Newman said...

I really enjoyed meeting you both; I've always liked madwomen too. And I could get used to being called an author. Thanks for your hospitality.