Monday, 27 October 2014

Partaaaay! - again!

This week it was Archie's turn for a birthday - 11years old, but still not too old for a bit of a party.
The Madwoman was feeling a bit under the weather, but she managed to totter out for a stroll with us around Chiltern Open Air Museum, and then there was turkey, and of course, presents! This made Angel very happy too, as she has been waiting to get hers
since her birthday last week.
Getting to grips with opening my birthday card.

Monday, 20 October 2014


It was Angel's birthday at the weekend - 9 years old on Saturday!
There were walks 
Looking at the tiny people at the Open Air Museum
One accidental gulp ...
and games
and cuddles
a toybox changeover

Yeah, but where's my NEW present?
and even turkey ...

Looking gorgeous. And waiting for the next round of celebrations.
I'm told there will be blueberry muffins too ...
 Next weekend it is Archie's 11th birthday., which is when we both get the presents that
the Madwoman has been hiding in the cupboard.
She thinks we don't know about them, but we do. Oh yes we do ...

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Beware the jabberwock!

No mimsy borogoves here.
Or slithy toves.
Just us and a load of noisy birds.

Sunday, 12 October 2014


So there we were, enjoying a weekend stroll round 
Chiltern Open Air Museum when the Madwoman makes us stop and
wait for ages while she takes 'atmospheric shots' of the steam rising in
drifting curls from the fence.

All she managed to capture was a lot of glare, the back of our heads
and Archie's left ear lit up by the sun like a nightlight.

And to cap it all,
we weren't allowed to chase this.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Power of Pee

No, really.
Pee is an amazing concentrated fertiliser.
This boulder was a mere pebble until
we started watering it.
For our next project we're thinking of growing our own
Stonehenge or Avebury in the back garden.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Big Knits

We got dragged out in the rain today.
We'd have been quite happy to stay in bed but the Madwoman was having
none of it. Just because she needs the exercise doesn't mean we do,
but we don't seem to be able to get this point across to her.
No matter how wet the weather, she keeps on insisting we share the experience with her.
We visited Chiltern Open Air Museum where, fortified by a rock bun
she cadged off Verena (we noticed she didn't feel the need to share that 
particular experience with us) we admired the knitted garden.

 Then we got on the receiving end of a bit of admiration ourselves while the Madwoman
was off faffing around with the camera
(we've also noticed that she always stays behind it, leaving us
to do all the strenuous photogenic posing)
And checked out a bit of wool carding

And inspected the progress of the blanky being knitted for Fergie the tractor.
Personally, we feel that our waterproof coats have the edge in this weather.
Although they don't do much to keep our ears dry. 
Definitely a design fault.
And another good reason for staying in bed.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Pooh Safari

The Madwoman thought we might like to do something different.
So she suggested we undertook a Pooh Quest.
So naturally that meant going on a Pooh Safari ... 

We started in the front garden at the pond, checking for fish poo.
There must be some in there, right?
Nowhere else they can go.

Aha ... getting rich aromas of ...

cow poo.

Definitely detecting a bit of mole poo.
Look, just because you can't see it doesn't
mean it isn't there.
Trust us.
Unlike you, we have proper, fully functioning noses.

And here we have a bit of vintage sheep poo.
Nicely aged, giving a rounded finish.

 Fox poo.
One for connoisseurs.

Horse poo: a heavy, rich aroma,
rather heady.

 Dog poo.
A whole bin of it.
A bit overwhelming.
Think we'll pass on checking this one out more closely.

Bird poo.
Small, but lingering.

Bunny pooplets.
Little bursts of aroma.

Worm cast
Angel stood on it by accident.

 Badger poo.
Plenty of it too ... musky with overtones of
grrrmmmummmrrrrrrzzzz. Well, there is no word in your vocab to
describe what it smells like. This is the closest we can get.
And finally, a quick dab behind both ears of fox wee ...
It's always nice to have a souvenir of your day out to take home with you.

We thought we might do this again sometime, visiting
lots of different locations around the country.
We could then produce a Scratch and Sniff book - we've already
thought of the title:
"Aroma Round Britain"