Thursday, 29 August 2013

Nom nom nom

We had a parcel!
Full of bedtime biccies from Lily's Kitchen.

When the parcel arrived we helped to unpack it.
The Madwoman is useless with numbers so we were needed to help count
the packets, to make sure they had all arrived safely.
Counting ... one ... two ... three...
four ... five ... six ...
Oi! There's one missing!
Oh no, it's alright, don't panic, Archie's got it ...
Look, it's says 'Open this end' and I always do what I'm told, right?
 Any more in there?
 Oh yeah.
 Better check this one too.
Quality control is very important you know.
There was a sharp intake of breath when the Madwoman told someone recently
that we have special (and rather expensive) organic bedtime biccies.
But we are worth it!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

We get middle aged

We got middle aged this weekend!
Not as in old and frumpy of course, but as in visiting the
Chiltern Open Air Museum, where all sorts of mediaeval activities
are planned for the weekend.
Dancing and singing and on a less civilised note, bashing away at each other
with swords, that sort of thing.
Admittedly it was throwing down with rain when we arrived first thing,
and leaking canvas awnings weren't doing much to keep the population of the mediaeval encampment which had sprung up overnight very dry.
Still, at least soggy peasants and rusting knights* adds to the realism of the whole mediaeval experience ...
We visited the kitchen.
No sign of any suckling pigs.
All that effort just to produce hot water for a brew up.
We could have told them there's a café just a stone's throw away, but we didn't want to spoil the whole authentic mediaeval experience for them. 

Some things never change, whatever century you're in.
Like men not being able to tuck their underwear into their trousers properly.
Or maybe he's a mediaeval flasher?
*Actually they used olive oil to keep the rust at bay and stop
their hinges from seizing up.
Or so we were told.
We didn't actually get a chance to run our tongues over any
armour to check out the truth of the matter though.

That was Saturday: this is Sunday.
We returned again.
Still no suckling pig.

And still improperly dressed.
We once again firmly averted our gaze.

We did enjoy a musical interlude though ...

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

What a racket ...

As our regular reader will know, we are
keen nature watchers.
We have finally found out what it is that makes such a racket ...

...and here it is! Who would have thought that such a tiny thing could make so much noise?


Sunday, 18 August 2013


The Romans have invaded yet again ...
when we arrived at the Chiltern Open Air museum this weekend a whole vicus was
in the process of setting up.
The Madwoman was much taken by this funerary image ...

 And this is Penny Hill, all the way from the National Museum of Wales, who painted it.
We liked Penny.
Although the Madwoman said it was just sausage love.
Cheek. As if we could be bought so cheaply.

We found a few soldiers strolling around too.
Wearing very short skirts.
We had to modestly avert our gaze when the wind started blowing ...

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

She's a witch!

Another busy day out at Chiltern Open Air Museum - Tuesday's are jam packed with things to do.
Although not all are suitable for wippitts.
Take this scarecrow sitting in the stocks for example ...
...apparently we are supposed to throw wet sponges at him. Excuse me? Have you ever tried throwing a wet sponge with paws?                     Anyway, what's he ever done to us?              
Here we are visiting the spinning woman ... spinning yarn, rather than actually spinning herself, which rather disappointed us. We were hoping for a whirling dervish. But we did learn the truth behind the story of Sleeping Beauty ... so we are keeping our paws well away from pointy spindles and don't even think of offering us any ergot. We sleep perfectly well without it thank you! And certainly wouldn't want to hibernate over Christmas, missing our dinner and prezzies ...

Here we found a scientific experiment in progress into whether there is any truth in Parkinson's Law.
We checked in again on the way back.
Yes, it's absolutely true.
(Incidentally, the sloping appearance of the house isn't due to subsidence,
just yet another example of the Madwoman's complete ineptitude with a camera)
At last! Our opportunity to shout 'She's a witch! Burn her!'
Although it was more the sort of weather to shout
'Throw another witch on the barbie!'
Thinking of which made us realise it was long past our lunchtime ...

Monday, 12 August 2013

On trial

We went to a trial at the weekend!
It was a Tudor court, holding three sessions each day at
the Chiltern Open Air Museum.
We put on our special smart Tudor pattern collars and
headed on down to the barn where proceedings were already in full flow ...
The Madwoman was a bit slow off the mark getting organised to go out,
so by the time we arrived it was standing room only.
The Madwoman refused to pick us up so we could see,
so we had to make do with peeking between their legs instead.
At the end we were all asked to vote, with a show of hands.
Very wippitist, we thought: no mention of a show of paws.
So we shouted 'She's a witch! Burn her!' instead and then ran away.

Thursday, 8 August 2013


Our talents are extensive,
but you may not know that we also do impressions.
For example, here's Angel doing one of a turtle.
We included our stuffed turtle so you can compare.

Amazing, isn't it?
Bet you can't tell the difference.

Monday, 5 August 2013

The redcoats are coming!

The redcoats are coming!
(Yes, you guessed, we went to the Chiltern Open Air Museum again at the weekend.)
 Well, they will be when they finish getting out of bed ...
 ... have remembered where they left their clothes after the night before ...

and finish putting their boots on ...
ooops - there goes one now.
Blink and you'll miss him.
Obviously in a hurry for his breakfast.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Soaking it up

Hot again.
After a day of torrential rain, we're now having
a day of torrential sunshine.
Angel is making the most of it.
Wippitts are good at soaking up sunshine.
Angel is getting pretty good at soaking up Kongs
filled with frozen fruit and yogurt too.
Mouth freeze!
In the meantime Archie soaks up something smelly.
It's so important to smell interesting. 
Wippitts don't do BO - we are
much more selective.

Archie is nothing if not thorough ...