Thursday, 29 August 2013

Nom nom nom

We had a parcel!
Full of bedtime biccies from Lily's Kitchen.

When the parcel arrived we helped to unpack it.
The Madwoman is useless with numbers so we were needed to help count
the packets, to make sure they had all arrived safely.
Counting ... one ... two ... three...
four ... five ... six ...
Oi! There's one missing!
Oh no, it's alright, don't panic, Archie's got it ...
Look, it's says 'Open this end' and I always do what I'm told, right?
 Any more in there?
 Oh yeah.
 Better check this one too.
Quality control is very important you know.
There was a sharp intake of breath when the Madwoman told someone recently
that we have special (and rather expensive) organic bedtime biccies.
But we are worth it!


Susan Price said...

Completely charming. It's lovely being able to virtually own whippets like this!

Joan Lennon said...

Worth it? You are!

madwippitt said...

Servants, Sue, whippets have servants, not owners ... :-)
But yes, we are rather charming, you are quite right about that!

And thank you Joan!

Goodness, no comments for weeks and suddenly two at once. We'd better have a lie-down before the excitement overwhelms us ...