Saturday, 26 November 2016

Window shopping

We went on a visit to the garden centre today.
We thought this velociraptor would look good in the front garden
And it had such a cute smile ...
but the Madwoman said we didn't get many visitors as it is,
and a welcome from this would probably
reduce the number to zero, and anyway, look at the price tag.

Alright then, we said, how about a nice cuddly teddy bear?

Singing ringing tree?

The Madwoman said how about doing something affordable?
And took us off to see a windmill instead.
Looking at it was completely free.
And we saw a mouse.
Yes, right there on the stair.
Although the Madwoman said it was our shadows.



Sunday, 13 November 2016

Feeling short changed ...

We had a parcel the other day.

When we opened it we found it
was full of a bulk order of Betty Miller's biscuits
 We did a bit of quality control,
and then the Madwoman said we'd had enough,
(how can two biscuits each be enough?) and put them away.
All 25 packs.

What, we'd like to know, is the point of having
25 packs of biccies - low calorie ones at that - if
you can't have a bit of a binge?
The Madwoman is such a spoilsport.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Out and about again

We're very happy to be out and about again!
We've done a bit of exploring new please-keep-dogs-on-leads walks
but today we had a quick stroll round one of our favourite destinations, 
We admired Leagrave Cottages, which someone seems to have 
beautifully gift wrapped ready for Christmas
... they seem to have got a bit carried away though as one of the horses 
appears to have been gift wrapped too.
Bet they'll have trouble fitting that under the tree on Christmas Eve ...
The we admired all the blacksmithery going on in the forge ...
and were dazzled by the newly repainted Maidenhead Pavilion.
Then the Madwoman trod on Angel's toe, making her squeak
and hop around on three legs:
injured and exhausted by all that admiring,
we decided to go home for restorative elevenses.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Angel has been poorly again ... you don't even want to know
about all the blood and slime, or the Madwoman's hystericals ...
Hopefully on the mend now.
Here's Angel with Head Nurse and all-round superhero Archie ...

And here's Angel doing convalescing this morning with Stick Rat ...