Saturday, 27 August 2016

A bit of glam

Who says muzzles can't be fashion accessories?
Although we think the Madwoman has gone a bit OTT in stocking
up on them ... we can only wear one at a time.

Although she really ought to check she has done the stiff new buckle
up properly. We'd gone miles before she noticed that
Angel had discreetly shed hers.
Although being bright pink, it wasn't hard to spot when
we were dragged back to look for it. 

Yeah, that one's mine ...

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Almost ....

Everywhere we looked today at Chiltern Open Air Museum,
there were Vikings.
We were glad to spot some fellow whippets in the trader's tent ... 
And even gladder to see so many likely-looking breakfast fires ...
Unfortunately they all seemed to be cooking porridge.
While we are rather partial to porridge,
we are even more partial to sucking pig.
As usual, there was a distinct lack of it ...
Until ....
OK, so it wasn't sucking pig, it was a piece of gammon,
but it's the closest we've got so far.
Sadly, it wasn't yet cooked ...


Monday, 15 August 2016

Olympic fever

The Madwoman seems to have got Olympic fever.
Every afternoon she has been glued to the TV, watching
various horses prancing around, leaping fences and generally
cavorting around. She claims it is essential viewing, vital to her work.
We reckon it's just a good excuse to loll around on the sofa with a cuppa,
studiously ignoring the lawn that needs mowing ....
In the meantime, unlike the Madwoman, we have been
training hard for our own Olympic sporting speciality,
Synchronized Snoozing. 
Here's a taster of what you can expect as soon as it is
officially recognized by the IOC:

The Warm Up

Easing into the routine ...

Perfect timing and excellent proprioception is essential ...
The Big Finish

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Reaching new highs and lows

As you will see, unbelievably, the Madwoman's powers of
photography have reached an all time new low this week ...
scaling the heights of dreadfulness, as it were.
You may just be able to spot the teeny tiny soldiers of
the 95th ... yes, if you get out your magnifying glass, you will
be able to admire Sharpe's Rifles parading at Chiltern Open Air Museum.
Yes, that's them again.
Those dark shadows in the dark shadows ....
On yer 'ead!
This is how, by the power of photograpy,
you juggle teeny tiny camp followers.