Sunday, 7 August 2016

Reaching new highs and lows

As you will see, unbelievably, the Madwoman's powers of
photography have reached an all time new low this week ...
scaling the heights of dreadfulness, as it were.
You may just be able to spot the teeny tiny soldiers of
the 95th ... yes, if you get out your magnifying glass, you will
be able to admire Sharpe's Rifles parading at Chiltern Open Air Museum.
Yes, that's them again.
Those dark shadows in the dark shadows ....
On yer 'ead!
This is how, by the power of photograpy,
you juggle teeny tiny camp followers.


Joan Lennon said...

I like it - it makes them seem like ghosts!

madwippitt said...

Please don't encourage the Madwoman ...