Monday, 30 September 2013

Have you seen the muffin tin?

The Muffin Game.
Can be played indoors or outside.
Here are the step by step instructions:
First of all, instruct your Madwoman or other servant to go fetch a muffin tin.
When they return, all pleased with themselves, send them off to fetch
12 tennis balls.
When they return, still very pleased with themselves if a bit out of breath,
send them off again, this time to fetch twelve pieces of turkey.
At this point your Madwoman/servant may be losing enthusiasm as well as running out of puff.
Be firm.
They probably need the exercise - and anyway need to be reminded occasionally of their
station in life, which is to obey and serve.
Next, instruct the Madwoman/servant to put a piece of the turkey in each of the muffin tins and then place a ball on top of each.
Supervise this part VERY closely as sometimes they CHEAT and
Instruct the Madwoman/servant to stand clear
while you get busy liberating all the turkey.

Remember to take turns with each other ... 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


We quite enjoy a bit of fresh fruit and veg.
Carrots are a favourite, and broccoli is nice too.
When we can, we like to be able to pick our own: the Madwoman grows parsley on the windowsill for us to graze, and alpine strawberries out in the garden which we can help ourselves to.
At this time of year there are also plenty of blackberries, which are another of our favourites, although you have to watch out for prickly bits while plucking them.
We do enjoy the occasional slice of apple as well, but were disappointed to find the ones at the Chiltern Open Air Museum were out of reach.
We will be back.
With a ladder ...
Definitely in need of eating ...
Well come on, don't just stand there looking.
Fetch a ladder!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

A Day Out

We went for a day out at Bath today.
No one ever actually bothers asking us if we want to go to these places,
we just get our bags packed up and are plonked in the car.
But we always like going to Tilley Farm to see our
god-dog mother Sarah Fisher. She refused to pose for a picture with us today,
 so here's one of her taken on another occasion instead,
being exercised by the Madwoman's horse.
We can't say we really blame her, given the Madwoman's continuing incompetence
with a camera.
Here's one she took today of her horse Flash, for example:
Apparently he is the most handsome horse in the world, but you'd never guess
it from this picture. Now compare it with the one above it, taken by a proper photographer, Bob Atkins, and you can understand why Sarah was so reluctant to have
the camera pointed in her direction.
Mind you, all horses look pretty much the same to us, so we
have to take the Madwoman's word for it.
And here is a picture of us with Auntie Robyn Hood.
We like Auntie Robyn. She did a lovely TTouch bodywork session with us once
that we still remember fondly.
Mmmmm. More please ...

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Nursing duties

We apologise for not having blogged for a bit, but it's really not our fault.
The Madwoman has got a cold, so we have been on nursing duties.
This has involved long and arduous hours of snuggling up under a duvet,
sharing our body heat (the hot water bottle has sprung a leak
and we are both more reliable and better company) and running off with stray tissues.
Not to mention putting up with any amount of sniffling and sneezing and coughing.
But we must go - the Madwoman is back with her hot drink and we're needed under the duvet again.
Do you think there are enough duvets and fleeces?
Keeping up our strength.
Very important.

Monday, 9 September 2013


No, not injuries from swinging fists - we managed to keep clear of both them and
trampling on any more bees (although Angel managed to tread on a patch of young nettles
which created a pause for some ow-ing) during our weekend ramble up at Chiltern Open Air Museum.
Run away! Run away!
No, this weekend we observed some late hay-making.

As you can see from the pictures this involved quite a lot of
standing around, leaning on pitchforks and issuing guidance to
visitors who had been roped in to assist.
We wisely gave them a wide berth and, limping only slightly after the nettle incident, procceded on our way ...

Tuesday, 3 September 2013


No post from us at the weekend because
we had a Drama ...
Archie got stung on the paw by a bee as we were
enjoying a nice relaxed stroll round the Chiltern Open Air Museum.
It swole up hugely and he couldn't put any weight on it at all.
This meant that the Madwoman had to carry him back to the car.
It couldn't have been more than half a mile but from the way she
was puffing and panting by the time we got there you'd think she'd run a marathon.
Anyway, Archie had antihistamines and Apis Mel and an icepack and a bit of Grandma's roast beef and is now feeling much better. 
We think it was probably the roast beef that did the trick.