Monday, 30 September 2013

Have you seen the muffin tin?

The Muffin Game.
Can be played indoors or outside.
Here are the step by step instructions:
First of all, instruct your Madwoman or other servant to go fetch a muffin tin.
When they return, all pleased with themselves, send them off to fetch
12 tennis balls.
When they return, still very pleased with themselves if a bit out of breath,
send them off again, this time to fetch twelve pieces of turkey.
At this point your Madwoman/servant may be losing enthusiasm as well as running out of puff.
Be firm.
They probably need the exercise - and anyway need to be reminded occasionally of their
station in life, which is to obey and serve.
Next, instruct the Madwoman/servant to put a piece of the turkey in each of the muffin tins and then place a ball on top of each.
Supervise this part VERY closely as sometimes they CHEAT and
Instruct the Madwoman/servant to stand clear
while you get busy liberating all the turkey.

Remember to take turns with each other ... 


Joan Lennon said...

You do live in a special Paradise! And such good manners, too!

madwippitt said...

As the Madwoman frequently points out, we are much politer than most people. I mean, how would you like it if we came running towards you screaming "A human! Can we lick it?" and then doing it anyway, before anyone had even said yes? Yet people do this to us all the time - not the licking part, but they constantly rush up and ask to stroke us, which is fine, but we would much prefer people to approach more slowly and to wait for us to sniff them first before
stroking us. Some humans have good manners but sadly, most of them don't.