Saturday, 5 October 2013

Through the keyhole ...

Hello, welcome and good afternoon!
Now who might live in a house like this?

 Let's see ... it doesn't seem to be made of gingerbread ...
Let's take a closer look - remember, the clues are there as we go
through the keyhole. Actually, the front door doesn't have a keyhole,
so you'll just have to pretend, while looking through the doorway instead. 

Over there in the corner - this should tell us
quite a lot about the person who lives here.
Hmm, a cauldron and besom broom ...

Yes, it looks like Chiltern Open Air Museum is beginning to get ready for its annual Halloween Spooktacular!
Well worth going to if you haven't been before:
as regular readers will know we usually go ourselves in the afternoon
before it gets too dark.
The Madwoman scares easily you know ...

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