Saturday, 19 October 2013

Angel has a birthday!

It was Angel's birthday yesterday - eight years old!
We started off with a walk in the paddocks that the Madwoman hires
for us to do zoomies in - the perfect place to play some party games.
There was our version of Pigs in Blankets (piece of sossige rolled in a towel)
Then we played Squeak, Bunny Squeak (run to stuffed bunny,
make it squeak then toss it in the air
and run back to the Madwoman for more sossige.
No, of course we don't bring it back.
We are wippitts, not Labradors!
And there was a treasure hunt - finding treats hidden
under these sports training cones.
Then home again for some elevenses and birthday cake:
the birthday blueberry muffin has become a tradition.
Although the Madwoman insisted that we let her share it,
and because her mouth is much bigger than ours,
that meant she got the biggest bit ... typical ...
And then presents!
Turkey for dinner in the evening.
Followed by a nap ...
Not a bad day.
Wonder what we're doing tomorrow? 


Joan Lennon said...

Happy birthday poppet!

madwippitt said...

Thank you Joan! :-)