Friday, 27 April 2012

Magic movie moments

Yet another wet day, so for your amusement and entertainment, we thought we'd share a few highlights from our favourite films with you.

"Raindrops keep falling on my head ..."
From Butch Wippitty and the Sundance Kid.
(And yes, it really is about time the Madwoman either repaired
my summer raincoat or bought me a new one)

"So, are you feeling lucky vole? Are ya?"
What do you mean, is it 'Little Mouse on the Prairie?'
It's Dirty Houndy in Wippitt Force!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Back to the back lady

Out we were taken again today - but this time to have our annual back maintenance from nice McTimoney person Caroline Hicks. Caroline is very patient with us, and it doesn't hurt, although you wouldn't believe it to look at Angel's expression here. She was only making worried faces because she could hear splashing noises and squeaking of toys coming from the hydro pool next door. As we've already said, we don't do wet. 
We feel ready for anything now!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Another action packed weekend

You can tell it's must be summer as all of a sudden the outings are coming thick and fast. Here we are, back at the Chiltern Open Air Museum again, this time to watch the Vikings in action.
What's for dinner?  Mushrooms and cabbage.
Nice. Glad we won't be sharing your longhouse tonight. 
If  you're sure there's no sucking pig, thanks all the same, but we'll pass on the dinner invitation ... 

Angel has an itch.
The thing about an itch is that it has to be dealt with there and then.

The Viking fighting has started.
We're glad to see that the girls are getting stuck in too.
That's right, kick him while he's down.
Definitely the safest policy.

Oooops. Now they're all running this way.
Was it something we said?
Time to go home.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Yet another outing

Are we there yet?
We had a nasty moment at the weekend when the Madwoman announced that it was bath time.
Happily it turned out that what she meant was that it was time to go and pay a visit to Bath the place, rather than the bath tub. Or to be more precise, to visit her horse who lives at Bath.
The Madwoman had her stupid head on and forgot to pack the camera, so you'll just have to make do with this picture, taken by Bob Atkins, when he was posing for a photo shoot ages ago.
Flash is the redhead in the middle.
The Madwoman is the one hiding as usual behind the photographer.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

We go on an outing

We were taken on an outing today.
The Open Air Museum again, to see some Mediaeval re-enactors.
They knew lots of stuff and in the end we had to drag the Madwoman away from her discussion with these two about spinning and the joys of using a quill instead of a modern pen.
We were more interested in visiting this person, in charge of the mediaeval kitchen. She had jingly bells attached, just like one of the neighbours cats.
We didn't know that humans chased garden birds too.
It's amazing what you learn at these days out.
We soon lost interest when we discovered that there were no roast capons or sucking pigs that needed our expert opinions. Although we wouldn't have minded being offered a bite or two of pear. We're partial to a bit of fruit too.
And this was the knight in shining armour.
Well, the armour at any rate.
Presumably there's a knight running round in the nuddy somewhere.
If your human needs entertaining, there's still time for you to go and see them for yourself: they are there all weekend.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Not an April Fool

We were going to do an April Fool blog, but by the time we'd thought up a really good one, the first of April had come and gone again. So we'll save it for next year instead.
In the meantime, excitement as the toys in our toy box got changed round again.
Makes up for the Madwoman hogging the computer recently - but more about that later.
Dashing and decisive as ever:
Archie homes in on the stuffed honking pheasant
Angel takes her time over her decision ...
And settles for the squeaky duckling