Sunday, 8 April 2012

We go on an outing

We were taken on an outing today.
The Open Air Museum again, to see some Mediaeval re-enactors.
They knew lots of stuff and in the end we had to drag the Madwoman away from her discussion with these two about spinning and the joys of using a quill instead of a modern pen.
We were more interested in visiting this person, in charge of the mediaeval kitchen. She had jingly bells attached, just like one of the neighbours cats.
We didn't know that humans chased garden birds too.
It's amazing what you learn at these days out.
We soon lost interest when we discovered that there were no roast capons or sucking pigs that needed our expert opinions. Although we wouldn't have minded being offered a bite or two of pear. We're partial to a bit of fruit too.
And this was the knight in shining armour.
Well, the armour at any rate.
Presumably there's a knight running round in the nuddy somewhere.
If your human needs entertaining, there's still time for you to go and see them for yourself: they are there all weekend.


Penny Dolan said...

Sounds a great day out for all kinds of people, Wippities! Better luck with the capons next time.

madwippitt said...

Thank you Penny! The next event they have is one involving Arts & Crafts and FOOD the weekend after next, but we suspect that no capons will fall into our open mouths then either! People just don't understand how to treat a wippitt.