Monday, 28 November 2011

Dressed to smell

Isn't it about time someone turned the heating on?

Ha ha!
Today Angel managed to roll in something stinky before the Madwoman noticed what she was up to. The downside is that as it was frosty she was wearing her Hotterdog jumper - very festive in holly berry red - so the delicious whiffy smell was instantly stripped off when she returned home and plonked in the washing machine. Although that is better than having to climb in the bath and undergo the whole soap and suds routine ...

As it's getting close to Christmas now, the Madwoman suggested we audition for the local panto. She said Angel could play the part of Stinkerbell, then nearly wet herself laughing at her own joke.
No, we didn't think it was that funny either.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Getting our Five a Day

Archie checks whether the apples are ripe yet

As everyone knows, getting your five a day is very important. For us wippitties, its not just about getting your Fruit (and veg - we're very partial to carrots and brocolli as well as the apples and bananas and strawberries and raspberries and blueberries which the Madwoman provides for us) - there are other 'F's which are just as essential. Apart from Fruit (and veg) our five a day also include: Frolicking (very important way of letting off steam), Fondling (well, being fondled. We believe it helps keep the Madwoman's blood pressure down. And we quite like it as well): Feeding (very important, this one. Wippitts do not live by fruit and veg alone, oh no. Forget breakfast and dinner at your peril. We also have supper), Forty winks (as we've told you before, we are very good at napping too. A nice warm fleece or duvet to snuggle under, or a patch of sunshine to bask in makes it all the more enjoyable).
So, got that? Five a day - Fruit, Frolicking, Fondling, Feeding and Forty winks.
Maybe if you humans tried it on a more consistent daily basis you'd be as wonderful as us wippitties are and the world would be a better place.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Magic Toybox

Every now and then, the Madwoman swops our toys around: we have three different lots that get rotated round in our toy box, so they never get too boring. It's a bit like having Christmas once a month ...

Angel is reunited with her teddy ...

Archie has a rummage to see what's in the box this time round ...

Two toys are, of course, better than one ...

All the excitement can be tiring, and after an energetic play session, it's always nice to snuggle up with your favourite teddy for a nap ...

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Keeping up appearances

Well dressed
Angel swopped her girlie pink collar today for the more exotic and sophisticated gypsy rose one. Just right for attending Christmas parties - if anyone ever asks us to any.
Archie is still in his summer sunflower ensemble, and a bit cross that he hasn't got something more appropriate for winter wear. The Madwoman has received orders to go and do some online shopping for something suitable immediately.
Watch this space.