Sunday, 28 February 2016

On parade

Look who we bumped into!
Yes, the 95th Rifles.

The Madwoman was disappointed to see that Sean Bean was
conspicuous by his absence.
All the nice girls love a sailor tra la ...
But I'm a boy.
And they're soldiers.
No idea what they're queuing for: can't see a sucking pig anywhere.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Hordes of them

So precisely how many daffs do you need
to make up a host?
And what is the preferred dance - 
Tango? Waltz? Jive?

Saturday, 20 February 2016

A change of plans - Sofa time!

The Madwoman is supposed to be finishing off some papier mache Keepsakes houndies ready for sale next week to help raise money for Kim's Home for Elderly/Abused Dogs, Greyhound Gap and Millie the Whippet's cancer treatment. Unfortunately she was a little hasty opening a tin can this morning and sliced her finger open...

 Archie still has a bad back and had two visits to the vet last week with it. Our lovely McTimoney auntie Caroline Hicks is coming again to do some more tweaky stuff to it on Monday.

So it looks like we'll be having a sofa weekend.

Fortunately the post brought us a copy of our auntie Susan-from-up-North's latest book, The Drover's Dogs. It has 'dogs' in the title, so that sounds promising. But while we are reclining on the sofa with the Madwoman reading aloud to us, we shall be listening hard to see how many wippitts are in it ...

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Utter genius!

We've been missing our visits to Chiltern Open Air Museum
because of Archie's bad back.
He is a little better now so the Madwoman decided that a
little gentle leash-walking there would be okay ...
As always there was lots to look at, including a few new things.
Like this brilliant device ...
What a stroke of genius!
We reckon this is just what the world has been
waiting for!
The first beadless abacus for adding noughts together!

Saturday, 6 February 2016

A lecture/demo

Today we have a demonstration for you on how to pick a pocket.
Stealth is important.
So is a good nose - a pointy one helps.
Normally you wouldn't have to deal with so many
poo bags, but these are the Madwoman's pockets,
stuffed with all sorts of rubbish.
Oh, and the same technique works on shopping bags and handbags too.

Well, this is where you're supposed to see our Masterclass video.
According to the previewer it's there, but when we checked online it was invisible.
If you're having trouble seeing it too, we'll put it on
our FB page ...
FB Archie & Angel

Seek and we shall find!

 Following the arrival of our super deluxe snufflemat,
we have been instructing
the Madwoman in its use.
Here we are helping her to fill it with treats.
She never puts enough in, meaning we have to do lots of snuffling
before we get to do the munching bit.
And this is us showing how to do the snuffley-crunchy-munchy bit.
We are perfecting our technique, which requires dedicated daily practice.
And possibly more treats.
Lots more treats.
Maybe someone could point this out to the Madwoman
as she is plainly taking no notice of us. 

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Bad back blues

Archie still has a bad back.
Which means he has trouble getting up the stairs.
Which means the Madwoman has to carry him up there.
You can save your aaaahs for Archie though:
he's the one with the bad back, and
the exercise will be good for The Madwoman.

I'm ready to come down now!