Tuesday, 29 July 2014

An early start

We woke the Madwoman up at quarter past five this morning 
and told her it was half six.
She believed us, and because her eyes were half shut,
didn't bother checking the alarm clock.
We had been out in the garden, done our necessary
Breakfast so early it feels like a midnight feast!
and were queuing up in the kitchen for breakfast by five thirty. 
We felt a bit weary after rising so early so went back to bed: it wasn't until 
ten past six that the Madwoman discovered our ruse.
She says it has backfired on us though, because although we have blagged an early breakfast, because we won't get lunch until the usual time, it will
feel as though we are getting it an hour and a quarter late.
We are going to have a lie in in that case ... 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Roman holiday

Another stroll round the Chiltern Open Air Museum.
This weekend the Romans have invaded.

We arrived early and found the army still wandering
around in their nighties.
Naturally we averted our gaze.

We checked out the beauty products before deciding that
it would be liking gilding lilies and moved on.

Tried our paws at a few Roman games ...
and spotted the anachronism.
No, we're not telling, you can spot it for yourself.

Archie considered signing on with the Army, but on discovering it
was a 25 year stretch with little turkey on offer decided against it.
And anyway, the armour didn't fit.

And then we said hallo to Gordon who was
on parking duty.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Vroom vroom

Today at the Chiltern Open Air Museum we found a car show in progress. 
Naturally we rushed straight past and homed in on the cake ladies instead, who were also out in force.
We looked, we stared, we charmed ...
But not a single bit of cake did we get.
Unlike The Madwoman who guzzled her way through a slice of
coffee cake and didn't share so much as a crumb.
She even licked her own fingers.
We also found some baffling signs.
Can't mean us. We're whippets!
We do zoooooooooom .....
except when the Madwoman puts these pesky harnesses on of course

One way. Absolutely.
And that way will, of course, be Our Way.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Apologies ...

We apologise for the absence of our usual weekend
post. But Angel has been a little unwell with a flare up
of her colitis. Or something.
So we are all on bumwatch, filled with trepidation
each time she decides to have a poop.
We were going to post a picture, but the Madwoman
said maybe it wasn't such a good idea.
(Calling her a partypooper seems appropriate in the circumstances)

So in the meantime, please enjoy ...

Sleeping position number 8
in an occasional series

The Gallop

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Monday, 7 July 2014

Cooling off

Off to Chiltern Open Air Museum at the weekend to see what
entertainment they had laid on for us.
We found Vikings and Anglo-Saxons slogging it out with each other
on the village green.
Angel was rather taken by the pink nightie ...

It was a hot sort of day, so we went home early to cool off in the garden with
a Kong filled with frozen yogurt. The Madwoman amazed us for once
with her forward planning.

If you stand up you can push your tongue right
down to the bottom.
Try it and you'll see.
But not with our Kongs.
Get your own!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Bath time

No, not the wet sort of bath time
but the get-in-a-car and travel vast distances
while regularly asking whether we are there yet 
Bath time, as that is where The Madwoman's horse lives.
Flash with his nose
He looks in fine fettle -
although his nose seems to be getting vaster
along with his age (nearly 30: practically a dinosaur) 

Hairs? What hairs?
We went for a walk and the Madwoman kept saying
"Look! Hairs!"
We didn't think hair was very interesting 
so didn't bother to look very hard.

It was only after we found the really good sniffs
that we realised we had missed spotting some giant rabbits.
We blame the Madwoman for distracting us
by burbling on about hairs.
Oh you mean the giant bunnies?