Sunday, 27 July 2014

Roman holiday

Another stroll round the Chiltern Open Air Museum.
This weekend the Romans have invaded.

We arrived early and found the army still wandering
around in their nighties.
Naturally we averted our gaze.

We checked out the beauty products before deciding that
it would be liking gilding lilies and moved on.

Tried our paws at a few Roman games ...
and spotted the anachronism.
No, we're not telling, you can spot it for yourself.

Archie considered signing on with the Army, but on discovering it
was a 25 year stretch with little turkey on offer decided against it.
And anyway, the armour didn't fit.

And then we said hallo to Gordon who was
on parking duty.


Susan Price said...

You're smaller than I'd imagined, whippets!

madwippitt said...

Actually Gordon is twenty feet tall ...