Tuesday, 29 July 2014

An early start

We woke the Madwoman up at quarter past five this morning 
and told her it was half six.
She believed us, and because her eyes were half shut,
didn't bother checking the alarm clock.
We had been out in the garden, done our necessary
Breakfast so early it feels like a midnight feast!
and were queuing up in the kitchen for breakfast by five thirty. 
We felt a bit weary after rising so early so went back to bed: it wasn't until 
ten past six that the Madwoman discovered our ruse.
She says it has backfired on us though, because although we have blagged an early breakfast, because we won't get lunch until the usual time, it will
feel as though we are getting it an hour and a quarter late.
We are going to have a lie in in that case ... 

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Joan Lennon said...

I can hear the remorse in your voices ...