Saturday, 2 August 2014

Marching on our stomachs

We found this lot marching around when we went to the Chiltern Open Air Museum today.
Sharpe's Rifles.
The Madwoman just recently discovered the Sharpe books,
so naturally she was enthralled.

It didn't take them long to wear themselves out with all that marching
backwards and forwards.

Before long, they were all sitting around swigging tea
and trying to catch their breath.

We settled for plain water in our portable bottle bowl thingy.
At least we'd been all through the woods as well, not
just a mere couple of laps of the village green.

 We thought we'd found a blackboard with today's menu on it
outside the kitchen where the camp followers had set up.
We were disappointed to find it was only a timetable ...

Then we heard one of them shout "Do you want a biscuit?"
Our ears pricked up immediately.
Of course we did!
We are very fond of biscuits.
We hurried round to the front of the tent, only to find 
the kitchen people were talking to the soldiers ... pfft!

Faint with hunger now we headed for home, and found this 
broken bird egg near the ticket office.
"Lick up that egg!" cried the Madwoman, so naturally we obliged.
She shrieked.
Turns out that what she really said was "Look at that egg"
Hunger does strange things to your hearing.


Joan Lennon said...

Tidying up, is all.

Susan Price said...

Ooh, Madwoman, the Sharpe books! Aren't they good? There are times, reading them, I've had to hold the top of my head on, they were so exciting.

madwippitt said...

The Madwoman is currently reading number 14. No sign of her head dropping off yet. But she did get to hold a Baker rifle when we went back today.