Monday, 18 August 2014

Once again, not our fault!

Hmmm ... who do we have here?
Looking a bit mediaevelish ...
It's John of Gaunt, no less.
Turns out we're hobnobbing with the Nobs.
We unerringly led - well, more dragged, really - the Madwoman
in the direction of the kitchen. But nothing was cooking - literally.
Just a load of vegetables, and not even ones that we liked ...

Woops ... we were going to do our usual weekend post yesterday, but 
after our outing at the Chiltern Open Air Museum on Saturday
the Madwoman suddenly took it into her head
that the housework needed doing.
So as she flew around the house sending dust flying
and doing frenzied hoovering
we sought sanctuary in our giant beanbag and tried to ignore it all.
Which is why we are late posting.
See? It is not our fault: as usual it is the Madwoman who is to blame.
Safety in beanbags.
More reliable and much more comfortable than safety in numbers.
Have you ever tried snuggling up on a number?

There you are then.


Joan Lennon said...

That beanbag is humungous! Looks so comfortable - does the Madwoman ever sneak a quick nap on it when you're not looking?

Susan Price said...

I bet she does.

madwippitt said...

Yes, she has indeed been known to flop around on it. She calls it quality control. We've found her lounging around on our cooling mat before now too.