Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Back down to earth

After hobbnobbing with the hoi polloi of medieval England at the
weekend, it is back down to earth.
Although, given the choice we found the archaepoo-ology
at Chiltern Open Air Museum the more olfactorily satisfactory experience.
This is more like it! A historical experience obviously
created with dogs in mind!
Here's one of the poos we found!
Mmmmmmm ....
Not a poo.
But we bet there's a very cold bald sheep wandering around somewhere ...

And the ultimate 3-D jigsaw puzzle.
2000 pieces and no picture supplied.
But today it is back to the vet for Archie.
He had a swollen lower lid and a week later it has still
not sorted itself despite the remedies and eye drops. 
Archie's poorly eyelid last week


Joan Lennon said...

Sorry to hear about the eyelid - hope the vet sorts it out!

madwippitt said...

Thank you Joan. We are keen to try the roast turkey cure, but the vet said to carry on with the remedies and eye oinkment ...