Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Time keeping

Walk? No thanks.
We have declared it to officially be autumn.
We know this to be so because outside it is wet and it is cold,
and Archie no longer considers 5am to be the perfect hour to arise.
You'd think the Madwoman would be pleased to snatch a bit of extra 
undisturbed zzz-ing time in bed, but not a bit of it.
When Archie didn't do his early morning greeting-the-sun dance
round the bedroom but instead snuggled more cosily under the duvet
where he had installed himself at 1am, we all slept soundly on.
When the Madwoman awoke at nearly 7, she was not at all grateful, 
but accused us of letting her oversleep.
Tonight we shall be setting the alarm clock.
But keeping our paws firmly over our ears ...  


Joan Lennon said...

Have you considered growing your fur long?

madwippitt said...

We have long whiskers. The rest is taken care of by a large wardrobe of couture coats for all occasions. And pjs of course. :-)