Sunday, 31 August 2014

Show us yer shilling!

We never quite know what or who we'll meet
on our weekend strolls round Chiltern Open Air Museum.

 The Madwoman got quite excited at first, thinking 
that it was something to do with Poldark ...
Turned out to be a 
recruiting party from the Coldstream Guards
Not quite sucking pig, and definitely not turkey,
but the grub looked promising ...

We were almost convinced and thinking about putting
our paws on the dotted line ...
But decided that the sleeping arrangements definitely
weren't up to wippitt standards,
so took our leave ...

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Time keeping

Walk? No thanks.
We have declared it to officially be autumn.
We know this to be so because outside it is wet and it is cold,
and Archie no longer considers 5am to be the perfect hour to arise.
You'd think the Madwoman would be pleased to snatch a bit of extra 
undisturbed zzz-ing time in bed, but not a bit of it.
When Archie didn't do his early morning greeting-the-sun dance
round the bedroom but instead snuggled more cosily under the duvet
where he had installed himself at 1am, we all slept soundly on.
When the Madwoman awoke at nearly 7, she was not at all grateful, 
but accused us of letting her oversleep.
Tonight we shall be setting the alarm clock.
But keeping our paws firmly over our ears ...  

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Sofa Saturday

Not quite what we had all planned for this weekend:
Archie got a grass seed in his ear so we all trooped
off to the vet's first thing this morning to get it removed.
Nice Maxine tried very hard but in the end decided that
sedation would be necessary to ensure that she got all
of it out without causing any damage.
So off we went for a walk at Chiltern Open Air Museum to
allow Archie's breakfast to go down a bit more first. Naturally we
both thought that the whole veterinary ordeal was over and couldn't
believe our eyes when the Madwoman drove us back there again at 10am.
The grass seed was duly removed while the Madwoman sat in the
waiting room in a state of near-hysteria and anxiously chewing 
her fingernails, while Angel anxiously stared at a Labrador waiting for it's turn.
We all finally escaped, and Archie is now sleeping off the drugs in
his beanbag.
Angel is in charge of the sofa.  

Mine. All mine
And the Madwoman is chain-drinking calming herbal tea. 
Honestly, anyone would think that it was her who had undergone traumatic
grass seed removal. There had better be roast turkey for dinner tonight.

PS The Madwoman says could everybody please buy a copy of The Five Pound Pony
(or any of her books really)
as we managed to rack up a bill of just over £100 this time ...

Click HERE for link

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Back down to earth

After hobbnobbing with the hoi polloi of medieval England at the
weekend, it is back down to earth.
Although, given the choice we found the archaepoo-ology
at Chiltern Open Air Museum the more olfactorily satisfactory experience.
This is more like it! A historical experience obviously
created with dogs in mind!
Here's one of the poos we found!
Mmmmmmm ....
Not a poo.
But we bet there's a very cold bald sheep wandering around somewhere ...

And the ultimate 3-D jigsaw puzzle.
2000 pieces and no picture supplied.
But today it is back to the vet for Archie.
He had a swollen lower lid and a week later it has still
not sorted itself despite the remedies and eye drops. 
Archie's poorly eyelid last week

Monday, 18 August 2014

Once again, not our fault!

Hmmm ... who do we have here?
Looking a bit mediaevelish ...
It's John of Gaunt, no less.
Turns out we're hobnobbing with the Nobs.
We unerringly led - well, more dragged, really - the Madwoman
in the direction of the kitchen. But nothing was cooking - literally.
Just a load of vegetables, and not even ones that we liked ...

Woops ... we were going to do our usual weekend post yesterday, but 
after our outing at the Chiltern Open Air Museum on Saturday
the Madwoman suddenly took it into her head
that the housework needed doing.
So as she flew around the house sending dust flying
and doing frenzied hoovering
we sought sanctuary in our giant beanbag and tried to ignore it all.
Which is why we are late posting.
See? It is not our fault: as usual it is the Madwoman who is to blame.
Safety in beanbags.
More reliable and much more comfortable than safety in numbers.
Have you ever tried snuggling up on a number?

There you are then.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Masters of disguise

Our ability to blend in with our surroundings is unsurpassed

You'd never know we were there ...

Damn but we're good!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Marching on our stomachs

We found this lot marching around when we went to the Chiltern Open Air Museum today.
Sharpe's Rifles.
The Madwoman just recently discovered the Sharpe books,
so naturally she was enthralled.

It didn't take them long to wear themselves out with all that marching
backwards and forwards.

Before long, they were all sitting around swigging tea
and trying to catch their breath.

We settled for plain water in our portable bottle bowl thingy.
At least we'd been all through the woods as well, not
just a mere couple of laps of the village green.

 We thought we'd found a blackboard with today's menu on it
outside the kitchen where the camp followers had set up.
We were disappointed to find it was only a timetable ...

Then we heard one of them shout "Do you want a biscuit?"
Our ears pricked up immediately.
Of course we did!
We are very fond of biscuits.
We hurried round to the front of the tent, only to find 
the kitchen people were talking to the soldiers ... pfft!

Faint with hunger now we headed for home, and found this 
broken bird egg near the ticket office.
"Lick up that egg!" cried the Madwoman, so naturally we obliged.
She shrieked.
Turns out that what she really said was "Look at that egg"
Hunger does strange things to your hearing.