Monday, 29 September 2014

Not our fault

We seem to have got a bit out of synch with our blogs.
This one is supposed to be for Saturday and yesterday.
We blame the Madwoman: she keeps telling us that
she is the only responsible person in the house.
So obviously she must be prepared to shoulder the blame
and take responsibility for this being late.

In the meantime we are going on a Pooh Safari -
we'll let you know how we got on in our midweek blog.
Assuming the Madwoman has adopted a more responsible attitude of course ...

In the meantime, while waiting for
the Madwoman to become more responsible, we'll just grab a quick forty winks ...
after all, we could be here some time waiting for that to happen ...

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Keeping track

Mirkwood Monday

Or was it Triffid Tuesday?

It's hard to keep track of what day it is when the Madwoman refuses to
buy us our own appointments diary.

But she HAS promised to take us on a special safari at the weekend!
Will there be elephants and lions and tigers and monkeys?
We have no idea.
You'll just have to come back to see.

Now, which way is Wednesday?

Monday, 22 September 2014

Did you miss us?

We took a week off from blogging to give our paws a rest.
And just to see what happened.

And we are back.
And we are miffed.
Very, very miffed.

Didn't anyone miss us?
Did nobody even notice?

Yes, you.
No, don't look behind you.
We are looking at YOU ...

Saturday, 13 September 2014


                      Strange goings on at Chiltern Open Air Museum this morning.

No-one to be seen, only heard -
It would seem that there is a phantom cobbler at work ...
So maybe there really is a Tooth Fairy as well then?
And something in all this ...


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Lollygagging with the stars

More lollygagging this week ...
We arrived at Chiltern Open Air Museum to find
that Horrible Histories were busy filming. 

With a series name like Horrible Histories
you'd think the caterers would throw themselves into the spirit
of the thing and lay on a suckling pig. Or two. Or better still, three and
then there'd be some for leftovers.

We did find some buns but they were a bit burnt.
On closer inspection they also turned out to be fakes too.
The Madwoman reckons they were something to do with King Alfred.
Obviously he should have stuck to suckling pig. 
It's a miracle the cast and crew haven't starved to death.

The chair didn't look too comfy either.
We prefer a nice soft sofa, but we couldn't spot a casting couch anywhere
for us to recline elegantly on while waiting to be star-spotted.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Decisions, decisions ...

 I'm thinking mint sauce ...

Or possibly redcurrant jelly ... 

So many difficult decisions to make

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Missing an era

So if there is a Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age,
 why isn't there a Wood Age? 
The time when ancient Bodgers ranged freely through the leafy woodlands,
spurning the modern technology of flinty chips ...

Monday, 1 September 2014

A return visit

After avoiding getting signed up at Chiltern Open Air Museum
as dogs of war on Saturday, we returned for a Sunday morning stroll ...

The Madwoman was convinced that the redcoats wore
red coats so the blood didn't show, but this turned out to be a myth.
Apparently it is all down to Cromwell, who wanted to fit out his New Model Army in matching 
uniforms to make them more ... well, uniform. And red was the cheapest
available material.
That told old Smarty-Pants- Know-it-all Madwoman, and
with our heads now stuffed full of knowledge we strolled on ...
We got pamphleteered by the Green Pimpernel, a new breed of
British superhero fighting for Truth, Justice, Equality, but not, apparently, Fraternity.
 Then we watched a poacher getting apprehended - you can watch the video of it over
on the Museum's Facebook page if you fancy a bit of gratuitous violence ... 
(no wippitts were hurt during the filming)

On our way down to the woods we spotted something odd in the
Toll House's back garden ... we were fascinated ...

This is what it turned out to be.
Must be having trouble with keeping the pigeons out.
We have the same problem at home.

Finally, out in the woods, someone has been
spring-cleaning. And has kindly painted our pee-posts ...
what do you reckon to this shade of blue?