Monday, 29 September 2014

Not our fault

We seem to have got a bit out of synch with our blogs.
This one is supposed to be for Saturday and yesterday.
We blame the Madwoman: she keeps telling us that
she is the only responsible person in the house.
So obviously she must be prepared to shoulder the blame
and take responsibility for this being late.

In the meantime we are going on a Pooh Safari -
we'll let you know how we got on in our midweek blog.
Assuming the Madwoman has adopted a more responsible attitude of course ...

In the meantime, while waiting for
the Madwoman to become more responsible, we'll just grab a quick forty winks ...
after all, we could be here some time waiting for that to happen ...


Joan Lennon said...

That blue really sets off your fur. Furs. Looks good with both of you.

madwippitt said...

Thank you Joan. It was called Kingfisher on the order form. We do of course, set it off nicely ... :-)