Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Pooh Safari

The Madwoman thought we might like to do something different.
So she suggested we undertook a Pooh Quest.
So naturally that meant going on a Pooh Safari ... 

We started in the front garden at the pond, checking for fish poo.
There must be some in there, right?
Nowhere else they can go.

Aha ... getting rich aromas of ...

cow poo.

Definitely detecting a bit of mole poo.
Look, just because you can't see it doesn't
mean it isn't there.
Trust us.
Unlike you, we have proper, fully functioning noses.

And here we have a bit of vintage sheep poo.
Nicely aged, giving a rounded finish.

 Fox poo.
One for connoisseurs.

Horse poo: a heavy, rich aroma,
rather heady.

 Dog poo.
A whole bin of it.
A bit overwhelming.
Think we'll pass on checking this one out more closely.

Bird poo.
Small, but lingering.

Bunny pooplets.
Little bursts of aroma.

Worm cast
Angel stood on it by accident.

 Badger poo.
Plenty of it too ... musky with overtones of
grrrmmmummmrrrrrrzzzz. Well, there is no word in your vocab to
describe what it smells like. This is the closest we can get.
And finally, a quick dab behind both ears of fox wee ...
It's always nice to have a souvenir of your day out to take home with you.

We thought we might do this again sometime, visiting
lots of different locations around the country.
We could then produce a Scratch and Sniff book - we've already
thought of the title:
"Aroma Round Britain"


Joan Lennon said...

Boom, boom! (Or should that be bum, bum ...?)

madwippitt said...

hahahaha ... love it when you add a bit of class to our posts :-)