Saturday, 4 October 2014

Big Knits

We got dragged out in the rain today.
We'd have been quite happy to stay in bed but the Madwoman was having
none of it. Just because she needs the exercise doesn't mean we do,
but we don't seem to be able to get this point across to her.
No matter how wet the weather, she keeps on insisting we share the experience with her.
We visited Chiltern Open Air Museum where, fortified by a rock bun
she cadged off Verena (we noticed she didn't feel the need to share that 
particular experience with us) we admired the knitted garden.

 Then we got on the receiving end of a bit of admiration ourselves while the Madwoman
was off faffing around with the camera
(we've also noticed that she always stays behind it, leaving us
to do all the strenuous photogenic posing)
And checked out a bit of wool carding

And inspected the progress of the blanky being knitted for Fergie the tractor.
Personally, we feel that our waterproof coats have the edge in this weather.
Although they don't do much to keep our ears dry. 
Definitely a design fault.
And another good reason for staying in bed.


Joan Lennon said...

That knitted garden is amazing!

Susan Price said...

That's knitted?

madwippitt said...

It certainly was Joan. And although we don't like to repeat ourselves, it certainly was, Sue!
Not by us or the Madwoman we'd hasten to add - we don't have the necessary opposable thumbs and the Madwoman is just plain cack handed. Has trouble doing up her shoelaces, never mind knitting anything.