Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Oh it's you again.

Go away!
We're busy sunbathing.
Peace and concentration is needed.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A party invitation!

We are very excited as we have been invited to a lunch.
The Madwoman says it is not a lunch but a launch but we think she is wrong as it says there will be sausage rolls, so it must be a lunch, yes?
Unless it is something to do with launching sausage rolls at us, which we would not complain about.
It is something to do with a book called Narrowdog to Wigan Pier which is being published soon: there are some humans involved but as in the previous two (Narrowdog to Carcasonne and Narrowdog to Indian River) the real stars are, of course, wippitts: Jim is joined in this next book by Jess.
Here they are (nice bandannas!) with their humans keeping to a respectful distance in the background, as befits mere co-stars.

And here they are again, showing that just like us, they are good at kipping too.
A life of action and adventure does after all need to be balanced with appropriate
periods of slothfulness.
And sausage rolls.

Find out more about Narrowdog to Wigan Pier at

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Meet the Normans

Well, the Madwoman was determined that we should meet a Norman, so yesterday back we went to the Open Air Museum.

And here he is.

Meet Norman.
Everyone else seemed to be called Norman too. Bit confusing if you ask us, not to mention lacking in imagination. What about a few Freds?As usual, they were missing no opportunity to whack away at each other, or sometimes at themselves. The one on the left had just managed to hit himself on the head with his axe just before this pic was taken. We promised not to tell. We lied.
Meanwhile, over in another corner they were about to start firing grapefruit.
Now, lets see ... how many Normans does it take to fire a catapult?
Six perhaps?

No - turns out it takes eight!
We didn't have the heart to tell them that just one wippitt could have run the same distance with the grapefruit in half the time it took them to load and fire it.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Not the Normans

We got trotted off on one of the Madwoman's educational expeditions at the Chiltern Open Air Museum again yesterday: this time we were supposed to be meeting the Normans.
When we arrived there was no sign of any Normans: just this sign.
Lambs. How sweet.

Unlike this bunch, who rushed up to the fence and then stared very rudely at us. 
We shouted 'Mint sauce!' at them and then ran away.
Still no sign of any Normans though.

Lots of bluebells - although as Angel pointed out, once you've seen one bluebell, you've seen them all.
No sign of any Normans lurking amongst them.

This is Archie being intrepid.
And no, there still weren't any Normans when we got to the top: just a lot of heavy breathing as the Madwoman stopped to get her breath back. She should chase more balls. That would get her a bit fitter. Works for us.

Ah, now this looks more promising.
Fancy hanging your sword up on an electric fence though.
I wonder if they've left the electric switched on?
This might be fun after all ...

Ah, here we are. 
Although they look suspiciously familiar.

Apparently the Normans all slept in or something, so some local medieval Paladins of Chivalry have popped in to hold the fort until they arrive. You might remember them from our previous blog  at Easter. 
What is it with you humans?
Any excuse to whack away at each other with swords. Still, they look as though they are having fun, so maybe we'll leave them to it ...