Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Meet the Normans

Well, the Madwoman was determined that we should meet a Norman, so yesterday back we went to the Open Air Museum.

And here he is.

Meet Norman.
Everyone else seemed to be called Norman too. Bit confusing if you ask us, not to mention lacking in imagination. What about a few Freds?As usual, they were missing no opportunity to whack away at each other, or sometimes at themselves. The one on the left had just managed to hit himself on the head with his axe just before this pic was taken. We promised not to tell. We lied.
Meanwhile, over in another corner they were about to start firing grapefruit.
Now, lets see ... how many Normans does it take to fire a catapult?
Six perhaps?

No - turns out it takes eight!
We didn't have the heart to tell them that just one wippitt could have run the same distance with the grapefruit in half the time it took them to load and fire it.


Anonymous said...

Was Norman really his name? And where are the whippets?

madwippitt said...

Definitely called Norman. They all were. Well they were advertised cas 'Meet the Normans' so it stands to reason that they must have been called Norman.

Where were we?
Keeping a safe distance from the whacking swords and flying grapefruit of course!