Thursday, 26 December 2013

What we did at Christmas

We hope you all had a good Christmas!
This is sort of how ours went:
Oi! Don't you think it's time
that we got our presents?

Oh for goodness sake.
They're up here!

Tear it! Just tear the paper!
Grandma has no idea how to have a good time opening prezzies!
Come on, get your teeth into it!
Look, like this!

Oh at last!
Thought we were never going to get our presents.

And once the paper is off, the squeaking of soft toys is of course, one
of the traditional sounds of Christmas ...

What did you get?
Do you want to swop?

Roast turkey dinner!
Time to catch up on a nap now ...

Monday, 23 December 2013

Not quite the night before Christmas

Yes, we know!
But it's nearly Christmas, so you can't still
expect us to fit in all our usual blogs!
We've been busy doing this
and this
and are trying to catch up on this

And if that wasn't enough, the Madwoman has pressganged
us into helping do the 12 days of Christmas for Haunting Hounds and
We told her we already did it last year, but she says it happens every year.
Does that count as recycling?

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

On the trail

We went for a mooch at the Open Air Museum yesterday.
We kept a sharp eye out for any signs of reindeer activity ...

And kept our ears pricked and alert for any jingle-bells noises ...
No sign of Santa, but we did find some good scent trails:
even the Madwoman managed to pick up
the whiff of fox wee but as usual was strangely reluctant to get her nose
down and do some proper sniffing.
We feel sorry for you short-nosed, nasally challenged humans.
You just don't know what you're missing out on.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Lying in wait

We're sure we heard reindeer hooves in the front garden.
So we're taking it in turns to keep an eye on things out there.
It's a good place to sit too, right next to the radiator which
the Madwoman has actually turned on today...

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Being good AND busy ...

We have once again been busy ...
Let's see, there's been:
 helping with The Madwoman's Advent calendar on Facebook
to help raise funds for Scruples Whippet Rescue;
inspecting progress on the Dog friendly garden at Tilley Farm near Bath;
helping to put up Christmas decorations;
visiting our dog-godmother Sarah Fisher - she refused to pose for a photo as she'd left her make up bag at home so here's a picture of The Madwoman's horse Flash instead, who always looks good wearing a veneer of mud ...
So Santa, yes, we have been very very good!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Helping out

We are being busy and helpful at the moment.
The Madwoman has been creating a special Advent Calendar for her
Haunting Hounds Facebook page.
As 50% of all profits from the Haunting Hounds book are being
we thought it was the least we could do.
So we have grinned and borne it as the Madwoman has pointed her camera
at us, and even suffered the humiliation of wearing ... but no,
we're not going to tell you.
You will just have to go visit the Facebook page HERE each day and
wait until you see that particular photo.
Yes, you'll know which one it is when you see it.
In the meantime we're off for a well deserved nap.
Just look at us. Exhausted.
Oh, and get yourself over to Amazon and buy the book
if you haven't already.
It's for a good cause and we don't want all our hard work
modelling going to waste either!
Here's the UK link: