Thursday, 26 December 2013

What we did at Christmas

We hope you all had a good Christmas!
This is sort of how ours went:
Oi! Don't you think it's time
that we got our presents?

Oh for goodness sake.
They're up here!

Tear it! Just tear the paper!
Grandma has no idea how to have a good time opening prezzies!
Come on, get your teeth into it!
Look, like this!

Oh at last!
Thought we were never going to get our presents.

And once the paper is off, the squeaking of soft toys is of course, one
of the traditional sounds of Christmas ...

What did you get?
Do you want to swop?

Roast turkey dinner!
Time to catch up on a nap now ...


Joan Lennon said...

This is one Christmas it's NOT a good idea for your Grandma to be tearing at presents with her teeth! Good thing you were there to help her -

madwippitt said...

Yes, we're always ready to help tear the paper off stuff!