Thursday, 5 December 2013

Helping out

We are being busy and helpful at the moment.
The Madwoman has been creating a special Advent Calendar for her
Haunting Hounds Facebook page.
As 50% of all profits from the Haunting Hounds book are being
we thought it was the least we could do.
So we have grinned and borne it as the Madwoman has pointed her camera
at us, and even suffered the humiliation of wearing ... but no,
we're not going to tell you.
You will just have to go visit the Facebook page HERE each day and
wait until you see that particular photo.
Yes, you'll know which one it is when you see it.
In the meantime we're off for a well deserved nap.
Just look at us. Exhausted.
Oh, and get yourself over to Amazon and buy the book
if you haven't already.
It's for a good cause and we don't want all our hard work
modelling going to waste either!
Here's the UK link:

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Joan Lennon said...

Here's to loads of sales!