Saturday, 30 November 2013

Getting festive

Off to the Chiltern Open Air Museum this morning
for their annual traditional Chilterns Christmas.
We were a bit uncertain about this lot at first ...
But then they introduced themselves and we found they weren't really scary.
In case you're wondering like we were, they are mummers.
They did little plays.
Lots of fighting and declaiming
- and quite a lot of prompting when they forgot their words too.
A bit further along we came across this worrying sight.
Santa's sledge.
We straightaway noticed that the reindeer were missing.
And our presents.
 And if you look very carefully you can see a cow lurking in that
barn. It's new. There's a competition to name it and the other
one which is being even more shy.
We suggested Rex and Rover.

1 comment:

Joan Lennon said...

Those mummers are SCARY! So bravely done, you two, letting them pat you.