Friday, 3 January 2014

Weather stuff

We have, as we said before, been
exceptionally busy, working our paws to the bone to help
the Madwoman with her Advent calendar and 12 Days of Christmas pics.
It hasn't left us a lot of time for blogging, but the festive season is now nearly over so things should be back to normal again soon. 

Today is the 10th day of Christmas.
The willpower this took was phenomenal.
No wonder we have been too weary to blog.
Nevetherless, the Madwoman decreed that today we would go out and do
zoomies and have fun. It started out okay, with bright blue skies.
Then with no warning at all, the sky turned purple, there was thunder and lightning and then hail, at which point we beat a retreat to the car.
Remind us again why we're out here?
Oh yes, we're having fun.
Can we go home now?

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