Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Case of the Curious Molehill

We foiled a cunning plot at the Chiltern Open Air Museum!
Well, we alerted the Madwoman to it at any rate.
Whether she takes any action is another matter ...
We set off through the mist.
We can be very intrepid like that.
We followed a trail of molehills, and found they led to, and under the fencewhich
stops the sheep from getting at the haystack.
We suspect that the sheep might have put the moles up to it, although
they obviously forgot one important detail: the tunnel needs to be a bit bigger
if they're going to get to the hay.
Unless the moles will be smuggling the hay out to them, a few blades at a time.
We shall of course be keeping a close eye on developments ...
Aha! We have used our little grey cells
and made a deduction!
Elementary dear Madwoman!
We found this too.
No idea what it is.

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Joan Lennon said...

Love a good mystery!