Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Bunny Game

Today, a masterclass on playing the Bunny Game from Angel:

As soon as you spot where the Madwoman has hidden
your favourite stuffed squeaky bunny, zoom after it
at top speeeeeeed .....

Pounce on it! 

Run back to the Madwoman with it, but on the way,
toss it to one side. 
(This ensures that the Madwoman gets some exercise going to pick it up.)

Trample the bunny underfoot, to ensure it
doesn't assume it is more important than the game.
There's no 'I' in bunny.

Nom, nom, nom.
Nonchalently await your reward from the Madwoman.
Oh, come on, get on with it!
Let's hope your Madperson is a bit quicker about getting
their fingers in the treat pouch.
Repeat as many times as you feel like playing, or until
the Madwoman runs out of treats. 
Practice throwing the bunny away in progressively more flamboyant ways ...


Joan Lennon said...

Always instructive to see an expert at work.

madwippitt said...

Now it's your turn Joan, to see if you have absorbed the lesson properly! Off you go ...

Joan Lennon said...