Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Lollygagging with the stars

More lollygagging this week ...
We arrived at Chiltern Open Air Museum to find
that Horrible Histories were busy filming. 

With a series name like Horrible Histories
you'd think the caterers would throw themselves into the spirit
of the thing and lay on a suckling pig. Or two. Or better still, three and
then there'd be some for leftovers.

We did find some buns but they were a bit burnt.
On closer inspection they also turned out to be fakes too.
The Madwoman reckons they were something to do with King Alfred.
Obviously he should have stuck to suckling pig. 
It's a miracle the cast and crew haven't starved to death.

The chair didn't look too comfy either.
We prefer a nice soft sofa, but we couldn't spot a casting couch anywhere
for us to recline elegantly on while waiting to be star-spotted.

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