Saturday, 23 August 2014

Sofa Saturday

Not quite what we had all planned for this weekend:
Archie got a grass seed in his ear so we all trooped
off to the vet's first thing this morning to get it removed.
Nice Maxine tried very hard but in the end decided that
sedation would be necessary to ensure that she got all
of it out without causing any damage.
So off we went for a walk at Chiltern Open Air Museum to
allow Archie's breakfast to go down a bit more first. Naturally we
both thought that the whole veterinary ordeal was over and couldn't
believe our eyes when the Madwoman drove us back there again at 10am.
The grass seed was duly removed while the Madwoman sat in the
waiting room in a state of near-hysteria and anxiously chewing 
her fingernails, while Angel anxiously stared at a Labrador waiting for it's turn.
We all finally escaped, and Archie is now sleeping off the drugs in
his beanbag.
Angel is in charge of the sofa.  

Mine. All mine
And the Madwoman is chain-drinking calming herbal tea. 
Honestly, anyone would think that it was her who had undergone traumatic
grass seed removal. There had better be roast turkey for dinner tonight.

PS The Madwoman says could everybody please buy a copy of The Five Pound Pony
(or any of her books really)
as we managed to rack up a bill of just over £100 this time ...

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Joan Lennon said...

Oh dear - what a day for you all - better times tomorrow, yes?