Monday, 23 April 2012

Another action packed weekend

You can tell it's must be summer as all of a sudden the outings are coming thick and fast. Here we are, back at the Chiltern Open Air Museum again, this time to watch the Vikings in action.
What's for dinner?  Mushrooms and cabbage.
Nice. Glad we won't be sharing your longhouse tonight. 
If  you're sure there's no sucking pig, thanks all the same, but we'll pass on the dinner invitation ... 

Angel has an itch.
The thing about an itch is that it has to be dealt with there and then.

The Viking fighting has started.
We're glad to see that the girls are getting stuck in too.
That's right, kick him while he's down.
Definitely the safest policy.

Oooops. Now they're all running this way.
Was it something we said?
Time to go home.

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