Sunday, 22 September 2013

A Day Out

We went for a day out at Bath today.
No one ever actually bothers asking us if we want to go to these places,
we just get our bags packed up and are plonked in the car.
But we always like going to Tilley Farm to see our
god-dog mother Sarah Fisher. She refused to pose for a picture with us today,
 so here's one of her taken on another occasion instead,
being exercised by the Madwoman's horse.
We can't say we really blame her, given the Madwoman's continuing incompetence
with a camera.
Here's one she took today of her horse Flash, for example:
Apparently he is the most handsome horse in the world, but you'd never guess
it from this picture. Now compare it with the one above it, taken by a proper photographer, Bob Atkins, and you can understand why Sarah was so reluctant to have
the camera pointed in her direction.
Mind you, all horses look pretty much the same to us, so we
have to take the Madwoman's word for it.
And here is a picture of us with Auntie Robyn Hood.
We like Auntie Robyn. She did a lovely TTouch bodywork session with us once
that we still remember fondly.
Mmmmm. More please ...


Joan Lennon said...

Photos of the Madwoman, please!

And that is a VERY good-looking horse!

madwippitt said...

Unlikely to happen - the Madwoman is notoriously camera shy Joan - and as she points out, someone has to point the camera and press the shutter, and she can't do that AND pose as her arms just aren't that long ...