Monday, 9 September 2013


No, not injuries from swinging fists - we managed to keep clear of both them and
trampling on any more bees (although Angel managed to tread on a patch of young nettles
which created a pause for some ow-ing) during our weekend ramble up at Chiltern Open Air Museum.
Run away! Run away!
No, this weekend we observed some late hay-making.

As you can see from the pictures this involved quite a lot of
standing around, leaning on pitchforks and issuing guidance to
visitors who had been roped in to assist.
We wisely gave them a wide berth and, limping only slightly after the nettle incident, procceded on our way ...


Joan Lennon said...

Do wippits wear shoes? Here's hoping there are no more injuries/illnesses for a while - you're delicate flowers!

madwippitt said...

You're right there Joan - the Madwoman is always calling us lilies of the field ...