Wednesday, 14 August 2013

She's a witch!

Another busy day out at Chiltern Open Air Museum - Tuesday's are jam packed with things to do.
Although not all are suitable for wippitts.
Take this scarecrow sitting in the stocks for example ...
...apparently we are supposed to throw wet sponges at him. Excuse me? Have you ever tried throwing a wet sponge with paws?                     Anyway, what's he ever done to us?              
Here we are visiting the spinning woman ... spinning yarn, rather than actually spinning herself, which rather disappointed us. We were hoping for a whirling dervish. But we did learn the truth behind the story of Sleeping Beauty ... so we are keeping our paws well away from pointy spindles and don't even think of offering us any ergot. We sleep perfectly well without it thank you! And certainly wouldn't want to hibernate over Christmas, missing our dinner and prezzies ...

Here we found a scientific experiment in progress into whether there is any truth in Parkinson's Law.
We checked in again on the way back.
Yes, it's absolutely true.
(Incidentally, the sloping appearance of the house isn't due to subsidence,
just yet another example of the Madwoman's complete ineptitude with a camera)
At last! Our opportunity to shout 'She's a witch! Burn her!'
Although it was more the sort of weather to shout
'Throw another witch on the barbie!'
Thinking of which made us realise it was long past our lunchtime ...

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